The carousel never stops turning

Tonight, I went for a run after a long time. Not for long, only a few kms, but it felt like I’m finally back on track. In September, I’ll run the half marathon in Budapest – it will be an amazing city tour in my hometown for quite a while. I decided to prepare for it, because I know by experience how exhausting it is to run that special 21,1 km without training.

Starting to run again is good practice; both for me and my dog, Báró, who excercises being calm alone while I’m gone. I usually leave some music on for him.

As I returned, this song was in our playlist. I took it as a sign.

Garbage – Run Baby Run


Look like rain

Today, in the middle of the day, all of a sudden Armageddon has reached Berlin again. This kind of storm I’ve only experienced here. First, you hear the calm before the storm, all of a sudden dark clouds approach from nowhere, and the next thing you know if you can’t see the building on the other side of the street, as it’s raining cats and dogs and the thunder never stops.

I love the rain.

I also like today’s band, Morphine. They have intelligent lyrics with amazing sax melodies. I wish someone would see me as the rain when I’m listening to this one. Enjoy!

Morphine – Look Like Rain

Back to Default

My visitors went home and we are back to our default settings. Berlin shows its most summery face and I have some Hungarian goods in my fridge. Sweet gluttony!

Tonight’s song is by one of my heroes: Thom Yorke, who hardly ever fails to surprise me. When I first visited my new hometown, I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this one at a store; hearing it every now and then still confirms I moved to the most awesome city in Europe.

I wish everyone could enjoy life as I do in Berlin nowadays. This should be the default.

Atoms for Peace – Default

Walking on sunshine!

It is 32 Degrees today in Berlin and the Sun burns our skin. My visitors enjoyed the weekend and all that Berlin on sunny days can offer. It really feels like we’re walking on sunshine.

Here’s a song from 1983, that never gets old.

Katrina & the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Song for a lazy morning

Today, we have sparkling sunshine in Berlin. This is one of the mornings, when you are sipping your coffee slowly listening to the chirping of the birds.

My all time favorite, Donovan fits perfectly to the mood.
Have a wonderful day!

Donovan – Sunshine Superman

Song of my family

Today is my father’s birthday. The next track is for him, for he brought this song to the family traditions. This is the one we sing for birthdays, for my sister’s wedding, for special occasions, or only for fun in the car.

For years, we only heard this song in his rendition – today, we know it was originally sang by Non-Stop, a Hungarian band from the 60s. Happy birthday!

Non-Stop – Szép Margit

Look for inspiration no further

“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” – Music video from the 90s, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Lyrics are taken from a famous essay — written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune. A piece of history.

Get inspired!

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen


Hello Berlin, I live here

Hello, Stranger!

You have arrived to a blog created by a music enthusiast without too much planning. It simply sounded like a good idea, so why not start it?

What is this blog about?

It’s about music. Music through the author’s ears and soul.
A selection of sounds that act like the soundtrack to the author’s life. Music she listens to or that makes her feel good during this journey called life.

This is an experiment. A journal in a way, as you will find music for each day here. What is the order of these songs? They will be ordered by time, experience and current mood.

There may be explanations/descriptions, there may be none. It is a work in progress.

I hope you will find something interesting here, to which you can relate.
Let me know if this magic happens.

The first song should be difficult to choose, but this time I’ll try not to over-complicate it.

“Music is my sanctuary, music is my blanket” sounds like just a good enough starting point.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Imogen Heap & Jeff Beck – Blanket