It’s raining, man!

Berlin rain is a phenomenon. I love it. It can be heavy, cold, loud, fast, arrive from all directions at the same time, unexpected and long-lasting. I love it.

Even when loving it means you leave the office in a nice summer dress and arrive home barefoot with a wet dachshund on your side, waiting for the moment he can swipe himself in all the carpets at home. 🙂

Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

Everybody loves the feeling from above

Counting back my last days at work. After the 4th of July, a new life begins, with the weight off my shoulders. Feeling before the right next step, that will take me somewhere better. It’s always exciting to be ahead of changes.

After some huge changes in your life, you realize you can shape your future as you want it. You just need to be brave enough to jump in the unknown.

I am ready for take off.

Asaf Avidan – Got it Right

Loose yourself

Karaoke in Berlin is a crazy way of bonding. From Eminem to Led Zeppelin, you can jump in the skin of so many illusions and in the meanwhile get to know some twisted and nice people.

“Du bist verrück, mein Kind, Du musst nach Berlin!”

I have the most amazing colleagues in the World and the coolest friends!

Guns’n’Roses – Sweet Child of Mine

Look how time flies

It’s been a month since I started this blog. Unbelievable, how fast it passed. Looking back at all the tracks, I came to realize I have a happy life.

I hope you’ve found something you liked so far.

If you would like to listen to all the 31 songs so far, check out this YouTube link:

For the 1 month anniversary, here’s a song that fells content. Enjoy!

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey