Collecting the pieces

As a friend of mine has once said: Life itself means changing. Nowadays, I am sorting the pieces of my giant puzzle, trying to figure out which piece should stay and which one needs to go.

Tabula rasa – a clear slate is beautiful and challenging. We live and we learn. Hopefully.

Anouk – My Life

Autumn leaves

I was watching the colorful leaves on the firewalls from my windows today and was remembering for a moment of all the great moments I spent with my friends and family this summer.

Now autumn is here and we have some work to do. Let’s see where our path leads us next.

Edith Piaf – Autumn Leaves


It usually takes me a few days to get back once arriving home. 1-3 days. Numbers. By turning 32, have I become “bigger”? How much is too much when every hour, week, year seems like a blink of an eye?

Happiness is a drug that is timeless. It can not be measured – it’s a state of mind.

Apparat – Not a Number

Family reunion, half marathon, holidays and coming Home

In the past 2,5 weeks a lot has happened to us.

I’ve completed my 8th half marathon, met my whole family, went to Italy with a part of them to meet other family members there, spent an amazing 2 weeks in Lignano, and then we returned home with the usual delays with Air Berlin and a connecting flight in Düsseldorf.

It’s been a tiring, yet fullfilling 2,5 weeks, that has granted me great energies to start fresh back here.

…and what about Berlin? – We love to get home here.

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out


A family is like an old tree – we all grow towards different directions, yet we are components of a same system. I love our tree, with all its imperfections. In a few days, almost all of us will meet again to enjoy some time off together. September is always a great month.

Apparat – Komponent


I turned one year more experienced today (counting the days by sleeping). I have changed a lot in the past two years – since I moved abroad -, but this birthday got me in my hometown in Hungary, after a successful 8th half marathon and a nice family celebration on Sunday.

I am grateful for all I have: my family, my friends, the challenges I get to face, the help I get from strangers.

We are temporary arrangements. I can’t wait to see where the wind takes me by this time next year.

Thank you All!

Alanis Morissette – Hand In My Pocket