Morning Sun

Tomorrow, the new chapter of my life will be made official. I am excited.

There are still plenty of things to catch up with before I start. Training for the upcoming half marathon is one of them. After a short but exhausting run today, I respect the challenge this means. However, I noted again, how much I missed the runners’ flow. I’ll try to run regularly until April, so I can be prepared for my 9th half marathon.

I feel like the guy in this video. 🙂

The Underground Youth – Morning Sun

New start

Yesterday, as I was flying back to Berlin, I was thinking about how things have changed lately. Losses, gains, change in relationships, thoughts.

I flew back to Berlin, and it feels like as if it’s a new start.

With the new challenges and the amazing network I have, my friends, who I can count on, who take me out for crazy Berlin experiences, I am ready to start fresh. It will be way easier than when I first moved here – now I have a home.

It feels good to come home here. Of course, I am taking everything that’s important with me. Even if only in my head (and heart).

The The – This is the Day


It was snowing for half of the day today, as we accompanied my Grandmother’s ashes to her final journey. The snowflakes were huge and elegant, giving the whole cemetery a divine elegance. My Grandfather was waiting for more than 20 years for her – as my brother said.

Her struggles are over. Now Time will do the rest.

It won’t be hard to remember of the good times – she has shared a lot of nice memories with us. Looking at some old photos, I am hoping she would be smiling if she would have seen us today. Our family became a little bit smaller without her, but she won’t be forgotten. Szeretünk, Mama!

Moby – Everloving


Shorter nights

I am still thinking a lot about the time I last saw you. I sleep less. I am focusing on the good times, as the time is getting closer and closer to go to the final walk with you. Only time will make memories fade and become lighter.

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Flight From The City

Killing time

Eating Lebanese with a good friend of mine, then visiting my favorite book store/gallery is a perfect way to be lazy over the weekend.

Not to mention opening my treasure box and taking a trip through memory lane.

Eric Hutchinson (feat. G. Love) – Good Rhythm

Ode to temporary companions

The big learning from Into the Wild: “Happiness only real when shared.”

In this ever changing temporary arrangement that’s life, I feel grateful for my friends. Those, who share my happiness and support in the bad times. Who are hoping for a better arrangement when needed. Who stick with me, no matter what.

I am also thankful for my temporary visitors. Those, who I bump into and share a part of my path with. Who arrive all of a sudden, making me feel like I have always known them, then disappear, just as unexpectedly. Those, who remind me that there are people alike.

Practicing cherishing the moments spent together, while spent together, without expectations, with no regret and learning to let them go, when their path takes a sudden turn is a challenge.

We are temporary arrangements. We are amazing.

Alanis Morissette – Everything

In the finish line

Before I moved to Berlin, I’ve set up a 3 year plan for myself:

  1. year: Settle down
  2. year: Practicing German, building network
  3. year: finding a job in Berlin’s music industry

Today is a special day. I arrived to the finish line. I found a new job, related to music copyright. I am starting in March. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s unbelievable, if I think about it. Before I decided to move abroad, I once mentioned at home, that I truly believe I could make it abroad, being as persistent and positive as I was in Hungary. Only a little more than 2 years living in Berlin, it seems I finally get there.

A huge weight is off my shoulder.

From March on, I will learn a lot of new things again. I hardly can wait.

Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive