Inner balance

Finding your ease does not come easy and it’s not a static thing. It passes you by, disappears for a second, then you find your way back to it. In the meanwhile, every connection is a mirror.

I am grateful for the friends I found in this continuous dance.

Asaf Avidan – Gold Shadow

Roses and rings

Free Your Stuff is an amazing page, but those who are lucky can find free stuff through Facebook’s Marketplace as well. I just got a whole big pot of flowers, two palm trees and a plant with fan-like leaves and many thorns for free. Fortunately I also had a friend helping me carrying it, so now my balcony really starts to feel like a real jungle.

I wonder how cozy it will get in the winter, when all my plants move inside.

Quireboys – Roses and Rings

City jungle

One of the things I like most about Berlin is the endless parks all around the city. You don’t ever have to go far to find a green area and people use them too.

Today, my dog got to swim in one of the lakes in Görlitzer Park.

It’s amazing how many things you get to do in Berlin. This city is what you want it to be.

Tash Sultana – Jungle


Some connections are stronger than others. Distance is an illusion, when you have a friend in your heart. Seeing them after months is great fun.

Today, I met some friends who I’ve missed for quite a while now.
I am grateful for the feeling that nothing changes, even if a lot has changed.

Bipul Chettri – Wildfire (Dadhelo)

1 year passed

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of the blog. 365 days ago, I came up with the idea to start a musical journal and post a song every day if possible. I started this blog as an experiment. I was curious where it takes me. 328 posts later, I would summarize it as a daily habit that challenges me sometimes, gives me outlet to share my happiness, sometimes my deepest thoughts shaped in a few words. It provides regularity and functions as a musical snapshot of my life. When I turn the pages, I not only remember the song, but they trigger all the memories from each day – even those unwritten ones.

For those, who share this experience with me: Thank you. You may have gotten to know me a tad better.
I hope you have found some intriguing triggers and unexpected surprises here.
If you’d like, come along with me in this musical journey – I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Norah Jones – What Am I to You


Partner in crime

Wes Anderson never fails to amaze me. The Isle of Dogs is yet another masterpiece.
What I love about his movies is that they take you a whole parallel universe. As long as you are under his spell, the World outside ceases to exist. Entering this Universe with a partner in crime and being in awe together is another level of happiness.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You

Get me

While discussing the serious topics of life with a good friend of mine chewing on some Flammkuchen, I was wondering if it is possible to fully get each other. On any level, in any type of relationship, or in any sort of human connection.

The helpless dreamer side of me still yearns for a partner in crime, who I could communicate with without words.

Everything But the Girl – Get Me