This was a long week. Challenging workwise, tiring switching guests, but overall good exhausting. It’s great to have friends over and see how they find Berlin.

We even went for a short city exploring run tonight, and my friends got to experience the real Berlin feeling, bringing some furniture zu verschenken home.

This was a long week, full of nice memories.
Sometimes, happiness comes with the leaving of your energy.

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

O Sole Mio

A good Italian is a good Italian, even if you are in Berlin. Taking friends to my favorite places is always a pleasure. Sometimes even culinary. ❤

Bryan Adams & Luciano Pavarotti – O Sole Mio


I will have visitors from tomorrow until the weekend. I prepared the apartment tonight, got some inflatable extras for sleeping purposes for my guests and enjoyed the whole place on my own. Life is a carousel.

I’ll sleep in my own bed tonight like a rock.

Amy MacDonald – This Is the Life

Berliner Philharmoniker

When you think about a summer night concert at Waldbühne, open air, with the forest surrounding you, sitting in the rain for an hour is not what you have in mind. Yet good company, the amazing play of the Berliner Philharmoniker and the birds chirping along in spite of the weather make it all worth it.

Getting all wet listening to classical music can be fun.

Khachaturian – Masquerade Suite – Waltz

Tiny ants running around

Some days are not meant for you. Sometimes you’re running around like hamsters in their wheels, not getting anywhere. Sometimes your efficiency hits the ground.

But even on those days, remember to see the big picture. The scope.

Do your problems matter, are they real? Can your reactions have an impact? Will you be proud of that impact tomorrow?

After reminding yourself you’re only an ant running around, it’s easier to smile and laugh about all the obstacles. Some days are just meant to be fun. From a whole different perspective.

Orbital – Tiny Foldable Cities