Feel like home

Some days just make you realize how lucky you are. That your life is good as it is.
Today, I feel grateful to be here. With all my friends, my health, my amazing dog and this beautiful city that provides you with so many green areas and riversides to use. With the heat and the Sun, and the shade on my balcony. For having learned how to bake pancakes from my Mom.

Today, I am happy.

Alanis Morissette – Thank You


There’s nothing left to drop off and it’s still hot. Using the standing desk and not wanting to sit down again, because the seat is warm. Standing is warm. Being is warm.

I’d like to float in the water. Always. Berlin heatwave, you should go. It’s been enough.

IAMX – Heatwave

Eastern sugar

I love my life in Berlin. I am finally in a place where efforts are appreciated, noted, feedback is given. Where spending an evening by the river bank with a Falafel and Radler after a working day is ordinary. Where my friends are happy and content. Where my work makes sense and I love to learn. Where I bring my Hungarian heritage in the way of thinking and adjust it to its best. I am bringing my eastern sugar in my western shoes.

Ich ❤ mein Leben.

Zagar – Eastern Sugar

Summer weekend

This weekend seemed to be a lazy one, but if I think about it, I did a lot of things. Met some friends, ate out at a nice place with one of my favourite ex-colleagues instead of running, met another one to discover a new area in Berlin, managed to run at the end, and also I cleaned the apartment, started reading a quite fascinating book, and cooked for the upcoming days.

I love these seemingly lazy weekends – especially the moment when I realize how much has happened. Berlin in the summer is amazing.

Dinosaur Jr – The Backyard