It’s funny how life plays along. Being tired one day and passing on an invitation can result in not meeting someone who you could click with instantly.

I like to play with the concept of what ifs, trying to chase back how I ended up where I am now.

Would I be in Berlin if I never wanted to be a sound engineer? If it wasn’t so, I never would’ve chosen mathematics and physics as a faculty, never would’ve played in a band, never would I have been dating with a “fan”, who never would’ve introduced me to one of my best friends, who might have moved here anyway, but I may have never planned my vacation here to visit him as well, and who knows, if I would have fallen in love with the city as I have. Have I not had my marketing assistant job in Budapest, maybe I never would’ve worked at the digital agency where I started after moving here, and never would’ve met Masha, whose birthday was last week.
As I was pretty exhausted, if I passed on it, I never would’ve met someone new.

I like the way life works. Some things just click.

Foo Fighters – Everlong

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