3 years in Berlin

October 27 – my moving to Berlin anniversary.
I was helping a friend to move a bed frame tonight. What a perfect spontaneous opportunity to celebrate this anniversary! I really enjoy my time in Berlin.

3 years ago, I moved here with a big suitcase, big dreams and a lot of enthusiasm. Today, I hardly can believe how my dreams came true and I am thrilled for the new challenges ahead of me.

I not only found a new start, but I found a new Home – with amazing friends, an incredible family, who still support me from the distance, inspiring colleagues, many opportunities, a scenery I can not get bored with, concert possibilities that make it hard to choose from, and a lot of interesting people I got to know over the years.
I hardly could be happier.

THANK YOU. For everyone, who made my 3rd year as amazing as it was. I hardly can believe how much has happened again – new job, new friends, 2 half marathons, 3 countries, West Highland Way, and a lot of visitors.
I look forward to see what the 4th year brings.
Happy, thank you, more please 

Queen – A Kind of Magic

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