So Far Away

My Mom has arrived to spend the weekend with us. The distance between us has ceased to exist for a while. Not that it matters much.
Tonight’s song is one of her favourites, from the year I was born. This weekend is going to be a fun mother-daughter experience.

Dire Straits – So Far Away

Dazed and confused

I am learning a lot, the hard way. I am practicing patience, perseverance, staying motivated. I push myself hard to keep my head above the waves. One day, I will harvest again. Now is the time for hard work. Fortunately, I am not swimming on my own.

Alexa Melo – Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin cover)


I have rearranged the greens in the apartment. Gave a few plants to friends, so I have space for everything from the balcony. I managed to tidy the apartment a little, and it feels good.

I was about to listen to some music and found this version of one of my all time favourite songs. I love how new memories are bound to it every time I listen to this song. Tonight,  I am thinking about some of the nicest mornings when I was listening to this song.

Donovan – Colours


I got to know a neighbour today. His apartment is just above ours and looks exactly the same as ours. However, the furniture is different (except in the kitchen and bathroom, that looks exactly the same). Visiting him was exciting. Entering a same, yet different apartment, that looks familiar and strange at the same time is a fun experience.

But familiarity comes with the age we live in too. In Berlin, IKEA furniture is everywhere. We all have the same shelves, the same tables, the same couches. Yet it always looks different.

It is like a parallel universe. A what if.
We are all the same, and it is only things surrounding us. How these things are arranged is a mirror to how different we all are.

Fazil Say – Kumru Ballad

Feels good

I heard and saw Hozier live tonight. Wow. He finds perfect balance between tension and calmness, coolness and humbleness, waiting and pleasing.
It was possibly one of the best concert I’ve been to here.

I was dancing behind my collar bones tonight.

Hozier – To Be Alone

Schlaf gut

Sometimes I am wondering how we attract the people we meet in our life. Every connection is a new opportunity to see ourselves in new lights. I truly believe we meet everyone for a reason. We learn from each other. What the lesson is, depends on the person.

It was Thanksgiving in the US today.

I am thankful to have someone to wish me good night.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Lullaby