Meet me in the woods

I’ve started making baby steps towards a low waste lifestyle long ago. From reusable bags to bamboo toothbrushes, glass straws to menstrual cups, I have made small changes in my habits. My family and friends know that I try not to waste anything, tend to consume less and get thrilled by new developments making this lifestyle easier.
At the beginning, I was super excited about all the options in Berlin – the several Zero Waste stores, groups on Facebook that connect like-minded people to support each other on the way, apps with which people can swap things without money. I am still thrilled by all of these and every time I think about these, I feel lucky to be able to focus on this. I not only have not to worry about my necessities, but I have the safety and time to consciously plan ahead.

Since I started this whole change step-by-step a longer time ago, I no longer notice if I made any progress. Usually it is the times when I have visitors that I realize that my habits are more waste-free than my friends’ or family’s.

Taking down the trash today felt like a milestone. I just realized the last time I emptied my trash was last Friday, and a week later now, I only had paper trash and one small box of plastic – mostly stickers from fruits, the boxes of the soy milk I have my breakfast with and some smaller pieces from envelopes or chocolate wrapping from gifts.
It took me a whole week to have enough trash to finally bring it to the bins. My bio waste is still being collected, the bin is only halfway.

When I realized this, for a second, I was quite proud of myself. But a moment later I caught myself thinking about how I could further decrease the amount of trash I produce. I am definitely on the right track, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

The best part of this all in addition to having a less guilty conscious: sometimes my friends give me the feedback that I had an impact on them, as they remembered not to toss something out to the trash that could be reused, or to choose something in a glass jar instead of the plastic tube, or to refuse something wrapped in plastic.

I hope more and more of us will start taking baby steps, so the next generations will be able to at least imagine how nature looked like in our times.

Lord Huron – Meet Me In The Woods

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