End of the line

I took part in a study in the summer. Two university students were researching the topic of practicing zero waste as a case of political participation, and whether or not a social change is possible through the market. We had a long interview that felt more like a discussion – they were genuinely interested and I was happy to share with them what steps I make to lower my impact.

Those who know me or follow me for a while know that I am a huge fan of decluttering and minimalism and that I believe that one person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. I also think the less we cling to our stuff, the more free we become.
I gave achance to the minimalist game in October and reported my experiences on a blog. Decluttering for almost a whole month, reorganizing things feels like a cleanse. You get rid of the excess and feel light.

Today, I got the results of their interviews.
I am grateful to have been part of an experience and that I could provide insight into what each and any one of us can do – tiny babysteps – to care for our environment.
This reminder that arrived in my mailbox in the form of the project summary is great motivation for me to stay focused and remain conscious in everyday choices.

There’s always room for improvement and everything is temporary. We should not forget that.

VVE – End Of the Line

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