I had a perfect start to the new year. Went to the Berliner Neujahrslauf, ate red lentil soup with one of my best friends, enjoyed the comfort of my home.

I was thinking about the last year and what’s ahead. What my plans are.

I don’t do new year’s resolutions, as I believe you can change your path whenever you set your mind to it. Yet there are certain areas of my everydays that I plan to adjust. Step by step, and with the goal before me.

I realised it once again today how lucky I am. I have everything one needs, and all the opportunities are at arms length. I also have the experience to know Time is the biggest treasure. So I’ll do my best not to waste my time.

I have a forever calendar with daily quotes and mandalas next to my table. Today, there’s a Chinese saying below the mandala: “Even a journey of thousand miles starts with a tiny step.” – This pretty much sums it up, what I think about changes. Living in Berlin not only confirms this, but provides great opportunities to spread my wings too.

The journey continues tomorrow.

MGMT – Electric Feel (Tash Sultana cover)

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