Finally moving

Today was the first working day of the year and I feel like I’m full of positive vibes. Somehow I have a good feeling about the upcoming year. I am still working on gaining my early mornings back – I need to get used to waking up around 5 am again, the holidays season was long -, but overall, I had an efficient day.

I started reading a new book: Music, the brain, and ecstasy by Robert Jourdain. I only read the first chapter, but I already learned a lot about the evolution of listening, so I am thrilled to read more. From next week on, I plan to re-start my book-translating project, so hopefully I’ll finish it by then.

I also managed to cook after I got home. I aim to cook way more than last year and eat out only on occasions. We’ll see how it goes. I have a feeling my foodie feed on Instagram will have more posts than last year.

I have so many plans for this year. I can hardly wait to meet all my friends again and simply enjoy the “grey everydays” together.

It was snowing as in a snow bulb for a while this morning. I feel like I’m in the best snow bulb of all. 🙂

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

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