Pulling strings

After 3 years in Berlin, I have built a local network. A bunch of friends, colleagues, people I got to know through all different experiences. People I can rely on when I need help, when I seek advice, partners for brainstorming.

I also became a pillar for a group of friends who can rely on me, ask for my advice, or ideas. I like to be helpful. Resourceful. It makes me feel like I belong.

…and there’s still plenty to learn.

I prefer to think about Hungary and Berlin as two homes. Both of them are in my heart now. Both of them have memories, great experiences, beauty and difficulties.
Moving here has taught me a lot about Hungarian culture and mindset, and made me question boundaries. Has put relationships and ways of thinking in a whole new perspective.

We are citizens of the Planet. We are Home. We are temporary arrangements.

Berlin String Quartet – Creep (Radiohead)

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