Carry On

Annual reviews, anniversaries, celebrations and goal setting. People coming and going, leaving and saying goodbye. Changes.

I was wondering today, how would I be remembered if I disappeared all of a sudden, if today was my last day. Not worrying about it, just visiting this thought out of curiosity. Who would notice that I’m gone? What would they think has happened? Would my belongings mean anything to anyone?

Many say we should live our life to the fullest, as if every day would be the last one, or could be the last one. If I look at my days from this perspective, I tend to think about the good parts. The so-called achievements. Most of them are something that I thought they were. Sometimes I’m wondering if anyone else sees them that way.

Due to workplace struggles, I feel like I lost some of my inner shine lately. I’ll be gathering it again. In this amazing adventure called Life, I feel like I’m just before a big change. I don’t know exactly what I would change or when. But it feels like the stagnation before it gets speedy again.
I plan to do a thorough mental declutter over the weekend. It’s about time.

R.E.M. – Until The Day Is Done

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