Spring in Berlin

Some dear friends are visiting Berlin for the weekend. The kids are giving Báró an active good time, we visit museums together and enjoy the finally sunnier spring days. Let the adventures begin.

I love my city. ❤

Dom Harrison – Smaller Clouds


Sampling, reggae and remixes. I have found myself today in the dungeons of music copyright. My job is challenging, but my colleagues make up for all the struggles.

Toots And The Maytals – Monkey Man


This song has found me again, echoing some nice memories of ex-colleagues. Today and tomorrow, two dear colleagues are leaving the company. I am happy for them and glad that we’ve met.
I am not a big fan of goodbyes, but realizing that parts of the everydays are becoming memories is daunting.

We are temporary arrangements. There’s beauty and sometimes a pinch of sadness in that.

Leonard Cohen – Nevermind

Everday impressions

I have met a lot of interesting people in Berlin and I feel lucky for that. I have amazing peeps surrounding me every day. My colleagues are smart and young and some of them are special. Some know that about themselves, some don’t care.

I knew one of the biggest challenges in Berlin is going to be letting people go.
But I don’t believe in good byes.

What has once started can not be undone. Love is eternal.

Ben Nichols – Last Pale Light In The West