Short hectic non-week

I have no real coffee at hand for the mornings and I forgot to get some again.

I could get used to 2-days-weeks, but I would still keep my morning coffee. 🙂

This is my biggest issue today. I am super lucky.

Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today


I have the best family and friends. Whenever I need to climb up a new obstacle, they are always there, cheering on, supporting, being critical, teaching me the good way.
I’m so lucky to have such a strong safety net and support system. Báró has one too.

We have a Home, built from our friends. It’s a strong one.

Volver – Nagy Csaták Hajnalán

Lightness of being

Today was an easy day. An exciting one. A chill one. A moderately active one. Also, a slightly forgetful one. One learns from their mistakes. In spite of all that, I feel light today.

I wish weekends lasted way longer.

Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day

Stirring the waves

After your nerves got you stuck and you’ve felt like you can’t move to any directions, there always comes release. Just after I’ve put my step-by-step to-dos on paper, I started ticking out the checkboxes, and with it, the waves started rolling again.

I trust that they take me closer to where I want to be.

Ane Brun – To Let Myself Go (Keyhan DM Rework)

Pour some sugar on me

Any day can be turned around with some treats in the evening: Milchreis with berries – my solution for instant happiness ❤

I also did a brain-dump to organize all the tiny things I need to arrange in the upcoming days. It’s no longer a mess of pressure in my head, I have action points now. A piece of time, some time spent on writing down everything that pushes us and planning tiny steps to make things better make a miracle.

I feel motivated tonight, ready to take all the tiny steps after each other.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Communication gap

There should be set minimum limits of communication, so we’d never make each other feel overlooked. Sometimes it’s also wiser to remain silent.

I am practicing patience.

Flora Cash – You’re Somebody Else

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar

This 4 days weekend was brilliant. I visited some favourite places with great friends, and also discovered new areas of Berlin.

I can’t get enough of this city. It’s unbelievable how big it is, and how green it can get.

Today, we explored Müggelsee and its area. It certainly will become one of my go-to places in nice weather from now on.

Berlin, I am grateful for all the beauty you show me! ❤

Bärbel Wachholz – Sole, Sole (Müggelturm 1965)

Sign out

Having a long weekend with such a nice weather is a great opportunity to sign out of the everyday rush and enjoy the little things. I was walking around in the city on my own today, walking across Flohmarkts, talking to strangers, reading a book in the park, enjoying ice cream watching the crowd. My dog was my only company. It was perfect.

I managed to finally detach, not worry about things – let it be past or future. I found some nice memories, I re-evaluated chances, made tiny steps and actively did nothing.

I managed to relax.
I am so glad that tomorrow will be another nice day like this. I really needed this break.

RY X – Body Sun