For years when I was younger, I tended to faint around spring. I have in general low blood pressure, and when all the flowers are blooming, my allergy comes to play.
I have more or less grown out of it – it’s been a while since I last fainted.

There are a few seconds of clearness after you wake up from a faint that I can’t compare to anything else. It feels like a full restart. For a few seconds, you forget everything you know, don’t get how you got where you are, for a split second, you don’t recognize the worried faces, the lights, you don’t feel where’s up or down. It’s a very strange moment. Almost like you forgot how to be yourself. It could be scary, but you don’t know what fear is. You are not even confused. After this split moment, all of a sudden you get back, and you know exactly what happened and you see that you are the center of attention. I always hated that next moment.

But the clear slate I adored.

I never really managed to explain this properly to anyone. This is another failed attempt.

The reason why I am telling this story now is not that I fainted. I did not faint. Yet today, after all the struggles of the past weeks, somehow, I felt light. Easy. As if I was just visiting this movie we act out.

…and I only saw the good parts. My colleagues, our silly jokes, the same struggles we share, the sunshine, the warmth.

Today, again, I feel blessed. I’m simply grateful for this experience I get.
Life is incredible.

Gregg Allman – Floating Bridge

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