I could spend a whole week in Naturkunde Museum and not get bored of it. But visiting it with my nephew was a real treat today. This museum is full of information, and seeing him enjoying it was a real win.

Every time I visit that place, it puts things into perspective,
All the weirdness that happens today, all the good things, modern stuff, ways of thinking and how we behave – it all started with a big bang.

Barenaked Ladies – The Big Bang Theory Song

Slow motion

Human nature got me thinking today.
In a situation where something goes terribly wrong, we still remain curious. A part of us wants to know what the end would be, even if it’s painful to watch.

Could that part be the last piece of us caring, overcoming our detachment?

My Terrible Friend – Almost Gone

Chill and transition

It’s been a busy week. I was sick, had a tiny surgery, was curing my dog for an eye-issue, was a reliable friend, arranged things in advance, re-evaluated my situation, voted for the future, and finally managed to sleep enough.

Tomorrow, I enter the carousel again.
But tonight, I still rest.

Skinshape – Rubber Gloves


I ate a kiwi after about 25 years for the first time today.
It’s nothing special for many, but for me, it means I stepped outside of my comfort zone and have overcome an irrational fear I had towards kiwis for a long time. I used to feel like I need to puke just by the smell of them, was disgusted about them, and never would’ve thought I’d give them another try.

But my anxiety caused by having had eaten too much of them once and having been incredibly sick for a while has slowly, very tiny steps at a time has gotten better.
Today, I got a few pieces from a friend, and felt adventurous enough to try.

To my greatest surprise, it was not disgusting or gross at all; I actually liked it.

Don’t give up on change. Sometimes it happens overnight, when you no longer focus on it. You’ll be surprised.

Postmodern Jukebox ft. Chloe Feoranzo – No Surprises (Vintage 1930s Jazz Radiohead Cover)

Hummus time

Hummus is one of the foods I became a fan of after I moved to Berlin. I could eat hummus all the time. I usually make a big bunch over the weekend so I always have some at hand during the week.

I also love to share hummus with friends. Dipping into a bowl of hummus together is the perfect setting for a chill evening. My friends know how obsessed I am, when it comes to hummus. 🙂 Fortunately, most of them share my appreciation.

Hummus time is always a good time. ❤

GoRemy – Hummus: The Rap