Routines, schedules, 9-5 jobs. The monotony of everydays.
This is going to be a short week for me, as I took a day off to have a 4-days-long long weekend. While planning what to do, I remembered how important it is to leave our comfort zones every now and then and let the everydays go.

I still haven’t decided yet what exactly to do in the upcoming days, but I look forward to sitting back, taking a deep breath and switch off.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Max Cooper – Repetition

Team work

We went to the Welcome to the working week – Music Quiz for the second time tonight, with a bunch of the best people I know. Our team rocked! Even though we did not win, we were in the strong middle of the group, nd we had a lot of fun.

Add music, competition, buzzers, excitement and joy to a hat, and you feel the euphory we had tonight. We were no winners, but all champions. 🙂

I love my friends. Doing things like this together tears down our walls and makes us carefree like children.

Happy, thank you. More please! 🙂

Coolio – Fantastic Voyage

Spread your wings

Some use the 5 seconds rule to get rid of procrastination. When they catch a thought that says: “ah, I should be doing that thing”, they count back from 5 to 1 and start doing it, as if their spaceship just launched. For those who are more disciplined, these tricks like the 5 second rule are not necessary.

I’m sure we all have caught ourselves postponing things. From bringing out the trash to writing our homework or starting the next big thing.

Sometimes, you have to follow your intuition and just do the first step to start something new. As soon as it’s out in the open and in the making, you’ll get excited and it will all become fun and a game.

It’s like a chain reaction. A book doesn’t get translated if you don’t start with the first sentence. A marathon can’t be run if you don’t do the first step. Your dreams will not come true, if you don’t let them out of your head and start.

Just do it. The rest will come. You’ll learn, work, question yourself, work some more, get support, work some more, and one day, your dreams will come true.

My wise father said once: “The real difference is between zero and one.”
Go for it!

Ólafur Arnalds – ypsilon (live)

Dream away

As I felt out of balance lately, this week I started to re-build my healthy habits. Waking up early to do some yoga and make breakfast is a struggle sometimes, but it’s giving you the daily kickstart, a routine that sets the tone of the morning.

I also started running again – slowly, but in great company. I dedicate one evening a week to practice German. I try to go to bed earlier, cook more, and I joined a friend’s 2 weeks without alcohol challenge.

With all the struggles, the positive effects can already be felt. I feel less stressed and my creativity crawls back.

So much so, that two days ago, I kickstarted a new project of mine. I posted an ad in the WoLoHo newsletter to seek people, who have dreamt of being able to fly. It’s one of my favourite dreams, and I find it fascinating that many of us dream about this, in totally different ways. I’d like to collect as many stories as possible, to create a blog, as a first step, and maybe a book or exhibition later on.
Only after one day, I already have a few applicants, who would be glad to share their stories.

If you also dream about flying sometimes, please drop me a message. I would like to hear all your stories.

John Mayer – Gravity


There are a few eternal loves in one’s life. Music, for me, is the biggest fascination. It moves me, caresses me, guides me in my decisions and forces me to change. Music has led me to Berlin. I won’t give up on my dreams regarding music any time soon.

I just need some fine tuning for my plans sometimes.
But the good thing about not knowing or achieving something is that it motivates you by scratching the surface of endless possibilities and ways to further develop.

Until nothing is for granted, anything and everything is possible.

Led Zeppelin – I Can’t Quit You Baby


I finally got back to my morning routine today. I did some yoga still in bed, took a quick shower, made my morning coffee and oatmeal, checked my emails, had a short walk with my dog and finally took my bike to work.

I was way more productive than in the past days, and felt more content during the day.

It’s really the basics that make a huge difference. Stick to your healthy habits, for they make you stronger.

Daiqing Tana – Ongmanibamai

The little things

I had an amazing spontaneous Sunday. Mauerpark, Flohmarkt, live dance and music, a delicious Lebanese lunch, a Kleider Tausch party and to end the day on a high note: a music quiz in one of my favourite bars in Berlin. All of these with great friends, carefree, enjoying an Indian summer heat.

Berlin, du bist wunderbar. ❤

Beranger – Slipping Under

Nature is the answer

Lost your balance? Not feeling well lately? Feeling stuck and unwanted?
Go out.

An active day with sunshine, exercise, friends and little joys, spending time only enjoying the World, and you’ll feel way better.

After a long time, I decided to watch the sunset tonight. All alone, from above the city. I watched the airplanes land and depart, groups of friends sharing stories and creating memories, couples strolling by, and the beautiful colours the Sun painted the sky with going down.

I felt free and weightless.

We should all watch the sunset sometimes, to forget about everything else for a little while. Once we’re back, it feels way lighter.

Nature is the answer.

Chelou – Halfway to Nowhere