Spread your wings

Some use the 5 seconds rule to get rid of procrastination. When they catch a thought that says: “ah, I should be doing that thing”, they count back from 5 to 1 and start doing it, as if their spaceship just launched. For those who are more disciplined, these tricks like the 5 second rule are not necessary.

I’m sure we all have caught ourselves postponing things. From bringing out the trash to writing our homework or starting the next big thing.

Sometimes, you have to follow your intuition and just do the first step to start something new. As soon as it’s out in the open and in the making, you’ll get excited and it will all become fun and a game.

It’s like a chain reaction. A book doesn’t get translated if you don’t start with the first sentence. A marathon can’t be run if you don’t do the first step. Your dreams will not come true, if you don’t let them out of your head and start.

Just do it. The rest will come. You’ll learn, work, question yourself, work some more, get support, work some more, and one day, your dreams will come true.

My wise father said once: “The real difference is between zero and one.”
Go for it!

Ólafur Arnalds – ypsilon (live)

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