Body movin’

I had a thai massage today. My muscles were stretched, released and moved with well trained precision. I felt like I got re-assembled. Amazing.

We also managed to gather the 10 000 steps for today, thanks to the nice sunny weather. Today felt like spring.

Beastie Boys – Body Movin’


I tricked myself into running this morning again. (by putting up running clothes in the morning and walking my dog wearing those) I only ran about 3,5 km, but it made me proud. Even though I’m slow and miserable sometimes, I’m out there and do it. More of that should follow, I have to get back in shape by the half marathon in April.

I’m also excited about August already, as we have registered to the Mega Marsch again. This time, it will be a 50/12 challenge. We are going to nail it this time. At least, that’s the plan.

So I plan to hike more this year.

My ultimate dream to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on day is still in the back of my mind, in the meanwhile. I am watching Mari Johnson’s PCT videos and it’s amazing!
I have to get back in shape, and there’s a lot of planning to do.

Also, my days get packed, slowly but surely. These are exciting times.
Happiness doesn’t feel like being 1000 miles away. It’s right here now.

Layup – Every Mile

The Force

The Force is in the people you surround yourself with. Today, we managed to make up for the past few days when we were stuck in the rain home, and had a half a day walk through Tiergarten, Schöneberg and Wilmersdorf. With one of the Force carriers I know. 🙂 This was fun!

Melodysheep – The Force (Princess Leia Tribute)


Argue, listen, contradict, challenge, hear, agree to disagree.
We all define struggles differently and we all pay our own defined price for them.
As long as we can discuss and communicate, real connections won’t fade.

The Somnambulist – Film

Slow reset

Today was more or less an admin day. I arranged some things around my applications, tidied up, folded some clothes, cooked. Kept adding items to my lists. Taking and making time to think of new systems, while letting the old ones go. There’s a lot of room for improvement and adjustment. But I can not change everything all at once. So I’m changing slowly.

It’s a little bit like decluttering. I am chipping away the parts that no longer serve me and make room for the important things. Fortunately, I have a strong core to build around.

Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky


Today was way lazier than I planned, due to the never-ending rain. However, I still managed to make some plans and get to the music quiz. Little we did know…
Overall, this was a very nice weekend.

Buzzcocks – Harmony In My Head


The castle is mine again, as my Mom took the train home this morning.
The expected exhaustion is here. I didn’t do much today at all, yet I feel like I’m tired of the past month.

I’ll sleep a lot over the weekend, rest up, and then shine again. That’s the plan.
I won’t have to wake up and such. 🙂

The Tunnels – We Are Infinite

So Berlin

There’s everything and anything in Berlin. Today, we visited the Design Panoptikum in Nikolaiviertel. This on’s one of the most random exhibitions I’ve seen. It reminded me of two other favourite places of mine: Ohrenhoch, the sound gallery, and Neurotitan, that is always very weird.

Discovering such twisted spots always confirm I’m in the right place. I love this crazy city.

T. Rex – Get It On