Those times, when Covid-19 hits close to home are here. I am a contact of a contact.
These news will become more and more regular. It will be your friends and family, not just someone in the news or someone someone else knows.

And it will be fine. We will all get through it. There will be another side.

Even if we don’t know yet, how long it will take.

Hang in there. We’ll get through this together.

Kings of Leon – Closer

Always there

I adopted my dog 9 years ago. He’s my first dog, and he means the World to me. If we’d be in the World of The Golden Compass, he would be my daemon.

We’ve been through a lot together. Overcoming his past, learning everything from scratch. Trainings, different work schedules, several moves, including moving to another country. Amazing holidays, beautiful wanders. He’s the World’s most sensitive alarm system, and he practiced social distancing before it was a thing.

He’s been through a lot with me and he’s always by my side. He waits for me patiently while I’m at work, follows me for long summer nights, joins me in German classes and never leaves my side if I’m sick.

Before I adopted him, we had a lot of arguments with my father. He was arguing that I should focus my energies on other things. That he would steal too much of my time. That he would complicate things.

But then he won him over too. Once, as we were watching TV together, my dad looked at Báró laying on the carpet, then he said: “You know that I had been arguing with you about having a dog. But now, every time I look at him, I feel like this tiny piece of the World is better, because of us.”

I can not be grateful enough for having Báró in my life.
He is my guardian.
Köszönöm, Kutyuskám. ❤

Greta Van Fleet – Always There

Push through

Sometimes it takes a whole day of hard work to accomplish nothing.

We will be over this. Hang in there. Everything’s temporary and we can adjust to anything. Keep calm and take the obstacles one step at a time. Your best is always enough.

Ólafur Arnalds – Ypsilon

Only for a moment

Some days are lighter than others.

It could be the Sun that was shining when I woke up, the fact that I started the day with a bit of yoga, or that my anxiety is a bit lower, thanks to the lower numbers in the statistics. Even if only temporarily, things almost felt like as if they have fallen into their place today.

Let’s hope there would come more days like this.

Lola Marsh – Only For a Moment

Day by day

The past week feels like a year. If only this weekend could last a few more days…
With all the changes going on, I am one of the lucky ones. I just started a new job, and our field of business is not that closely effected by the current situation in the World. My new role will be challenging, and I am slowly adjusting to working on three languages.

I’m also adjusting to the ever changing circumstances. Regulations change day by day, in hopes that our actions have an effect. In the meanwhile, we all are trying our best to stay connected to the ones we love and care about.
All of a sudden, everyone spends their days online and on the phone.

I also just launched the Flying Dreams Project, that also requires me to spend some more time online.

All of this time spent online is meaningful. I love connecting with my friends and family, I’m passionate about the Flying Dreams Project, and it is necessary to keep up-to-date.
But it’s also exhausting.

So this weekend, I tried to turn off. We spent some time in the fresh air on Saturday, and I practiced some yoga and meditation today. These were refreshing breaks. I’ll try to incorporate them in my new daily routine.

Coming up with new systems and making them work is exhausting. But it also makes you realize how powerful you are.

We’ll be fine.

Alexi Murdoch – All My Days

Shine your light

It’s the little things that matter.

In these chaotic times, light shines through even the darkest news.
The music quiz could no longer be held at the bar that it used to, as all bars are closed in Berlin. The quiz moved online, and the rent for April was collected by the fans of the bar.
People create WhatsApp groups in their buildings to arrange help for those who are in need. People meet online, sharing a glass of wine over Skype. Neighbours help each other with grocery shopping. Local and global communities arise to help each other.

People are standing at their windows and on their balconies and are applauding health workers for their efforts to fight the disease,  every evening.

These are all signs that we can stick together and that we can be strong together.

Take good care, and never forget that there’s always light.
We are temporary arrangements and we will get through this together.

Stay positive.

Native – Ocean