I struggle with focusing sometimes nowadays. It must be all the uncertainties messing with my head.

However, I was listening to this while working this morning and it helped a lot.
Push play, go about with your day and enjoy.

Piano and the sound of rain. So soothing.

[Piano ASMR] 3시간 연속듣기 | 빗소리와 함께 듣는 피아노 | 시청각 ASMR | Piano Music & Rain Sounds

Lazy feel

I came across this video on YouTube and I figured it’s a perfect mirror for when you feel exhausted during lockdown. Maybe we should throw a party for ourselves with Báró.

Angie McMahon – Pasta

Force of Nature

I had a somewhat exhausting working day today. But I knew I had to get myself together to meet a dear friend. After 10 km by bike and 10 km on foot, things feel lighter now.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of spending time outside. It’s a cure for the soul. Just like the occasional cinnamon bun in the middle of the night after returning home.

Fritz Helder – Force of Nature

Sunset Walks & Cinnamon Rolls

This weekend was nice. With including longer walks to our schedule, we discover new areas in the neighbourhood and get to enjoy the colours of the setting Sun.
We walked home in lilac scent to then enjoy the apartment that smells like cinnamon rolls.

I wish weekends were at least 3 days long. But that comes next week.

Noel Gallagher – Setting Sun

Two wheels

Today’s riddle: 2 wheels, 8 paws, 4 feet and a lot o fun, what’s that?
That was our visit to Treptower Park by bike to walk with a dear friend and his dog.

Tiny adventures that bring back the sense of normality.
I’m so grateful for my friends.

Tom Rosenthal – Hope

The little things

We learn to appreciate the little things.

I had a Falafel Dürüm for the first time after 7 weeks today, then a glass of wine over video chat with a dear friend tonight.
I never would’ve thought what a difference a Falafel and good company can make.

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Fading Soul Remix)

Things to do

One of my neighbours was listening to very loud music today. My dog went out to the balcony to enjoy it. Then another neighbour was practicing songs on the piano I also used to learn. We went for a walk around the Velodrom in the light of the setting Sun.

Everyone finds a way to wind down.

Yann Tiersen – Porz Goret

Keep on keeping on

I can’t sleep lately. But I still wake up and I still try to do my best. It’s difficult to keep our spirits high when we are frustrated, exhausted and uncertain.

But then, we still get creative in seeing the good things.
I took a nice walk with one of my best friends (of course keeping our distance), and she reminded me how important self-compassion is. It just gets challenging, when you know exactly you should not be angry or devastated, but then you get angry for being angry…

So let’s think about what causes my anxiety.

  • the uncertainty regarding when I can see my family again
  • the lack of wandering – walking distance places are more or less all well discovered
  • the lack of plans – I am good at planning ahead, and now all of my concerts, events and travels got cancelled or postponed to the unforeseeable future
  • the lack of motivation for exercise, and therefore the lack of movement – we are mainly walking around a few blocks, and spend most of the day at home

What could I do to battle these things?

My plan is to pimp my bike. If I could use it again to transport my dog as well, we would be more free. During working days, the Sun would still go down by the time we would get somewhere to hike, but we could then do bigger hikes on the weekends.

I also would like to schedule more things. A run on one of the mornings on the weekend. Going for a walk with a friend. Maybe even hiking together.

It’s a nice plan. I just need to push myself to do it.

Hang in there. It’s only temporary.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

By the river

I haven’t seen the water in more than a month. I grew up near the Danube, so when I moved to Berlin, I knew that the river banks will be important for me. I missed the water.

So I ended up having a Forest Gump walk today.

It all started with wanting to take some pictures of one of the nice streets in the neighbourhood, where the cherry blossom trees are painting an amazing view.
But it was not far from the park, where we also haven’t been for ages, trying to avoid the crowd.

…then as I was already there, I remembered, if we walk across the unknown streets, we could get to Janowitzbrücke. So we did.

Walking along the water was amazing. The sun was setting, the birds were still chirping, and there were not too many people. For a moment, I felt peace.
Then I remembered that I don’t know yet when I could see the Danube again.

We ended up having a long walk, through streets we normally never cross.
Berlin looks odd, empty.

But it was a nice spring evening.

Brian Eno – By This River