I was thinking about the narratives we tell ourselves about life and how impossible it is to have a shared experience. What can be put in words is liited in itself, mot to mention we don’t always speak up.

Noone will know my reality. As I will never know anyone else’s.

At the end of the day, we all live in our own fantasies.
The magic happens when we manage to really share a moment. Just a split second, when we both experience the same, feel the same, and think about nothing, but enjoy the moment.

The rest is in our heads.

The Soil – Unspoken Words


Whole Lotta Love

Birthdays, farewells, hangovers. I am not 20 anymore, but I have the best friends in the World. Even if they move, some connections never fade. Teona, You will be missed.

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Time loops

10 years ago on this day, my dog was born at a breeder’s and started his first two years living in a cage. He did not know what that meant, but a little after two years later, after the Dachshund Rescue Team found him, we finally met and his life had changed drastically. I can hardly believe he’s 10 years old now – the almost 8 years spent together flew by in what it felt like a second.
He is balanced, confident, cheerful and curious now. Loves to take naps and snores. Uses public transport like he was born for it.
I couldn’t be prouder.

4 years ago today, I was on my way back to the hotel room that was our accommodation for my first ever trip to Berlin. I remember I was walking the whole day, it was real summer heat, I barely felt my toes. I was sipping on the last few drops of my beer in the S-Bahn, and after I got back, I wrote this on Facebook:

“Berlin. Visszajövök egyszer! (minimum)” //Berlin. I’ll return once. (minimum)

Little did I know back then, that just one day after, as I returned to Budapest, I’d know that this is going to be the city I’ll want to live.

Everything happened so fast afterwards. By the end of August, I rented my apartment, moved back to my childhood room to prepare for my journey to the unknown. In the end of October, I used my one way train ticket to Berlin.
The rest is history. ❤

There are waves, when I realize time running fast. When all of a sudden, I note how much has happened. A lot of things are changing without any sign. Some change in subtle ways that you don't necessarily feel.

But there are times, when you feel and know exactly how things are changing. When you find yourself in the middle of it and you can't help, but enjoy every piece of it. It sometimes feels dreadful, sometimes like a movie, sometimes like a deja vu.

A lot of things are changing now, and I can't be anything else but grateful. For Báró, my dog, my family, and all the incredible people around me. We may age, but we never get old.

Ibrahim Maalouf – Beirut

Mood indigo

My best friend got one year wiser today.

Anícc, stay silly! 😉
Thanks for the good music you’ve shown me, the fun times every time we meet, the silly conversations over Viber, the video message and the funny word-jokes. 🙂
I miss you a lot. Brace yourself, for I’ll pull your ears the next time we meet!

HIM-HIM! Boldog szülinapot! ❤

Anouk – Mood Indigo

So Berlin

Today was a weird day. I stayed home on sick leave due to my encounter with that suicidal bee over the weekend. Then in the afternoon, my dear neighbour came over to explain the ceiling in her kitchen completely collapsed. Today is also the last time we could listen to Cigarettes After Sex with one of my best friends, who is about to leave Berlin soon.

Teona, ich drücke dir die Damen! 😉 😀

Wise Guys – Denglisch


My patience and willpower is at test in the past few days. This bee sting can’t let me go.
When you have a constant itch bugging you, it’s hard to focus or stay kind. You simply go nuts.

How I adore my non-itching everydays now! I wish I never had to think about them again.

Kosh – Bug In The System

Summer son

Today is my brother’s birthday.
This song always reminds me of him and the summer parties we had together.
Stay wicked! 😉

Kelemen Kabátban – Maradjatok Gyerekek (feat. Eckü)

Suicide Wasp Squad

I accidentally killed a bee today.
It somehow managed to find me, land in between my toes, bit me and died.
It’s been ages since this had last happened to me. Never underestimate how much pain such a small animal can cause. It almost felt like my toe got cut off.

Poor guy. Instead of being angry with him, I feel guilty for becoming his murderer.

Evgeny Kissin: Rimsky-Korsakov – The Flight of the Bumblebee