This is us

A whole family get-together at home. Something we all were looking for since around March. Old stories, amazing cookies, BBQ, and the chatter and noise of the youngest ones.

Loud, busy, exhausting. But great.
I love my family. ❤

We’ve changed so much.

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris – This Is Us

7 days

What a difference a week makes.

7 days ago, I had a long day, which ended in a comforting hug near a big river. Today, I shared many hugs with my family near an even bigger river. I was happy both days. Yet there’s so much in my head now. It feels like 7 days ago was a parallel universe.

God Is An Astronaut – Parallel Highway


10 days to switch off. 13 hours of travel, and I am sleeping in my childhood bed tonight. It’s good to be here. Berlin, you’re on mute. Time to clear my head.

Deep Purple – Hush

The 3rd

“Love requires a commitment to meet the challenge of dealing with another human being.”

I always disagreed with the romantic idea of “one and one makes one”. I think one and one makes three: there’s you, the other person, and the relationship you build, as couple, as the third identity.
I also think that loving someone else is selfless and unconditional. The feeling can’t be un-felt. You just want to understand the other person and make them happy. Sometimes it means letting them go.

We are temporary arrangements. – I am still practicing living up to this. It’s not easy. But that probably means I’m getting deeper in it.

Tomorrow, a 10-day vacation starts. I’ll hop on a train and travel a day to meet my family at home, for the first time this year. I think the long ride will help me to leave Berlin not only physically, but mentally as well, for a little while. I love this city, but I need a break now.

Tomorrow, I’ll sleep in my old bed, in my old room.
I’ll have some time for me.

Cyn – I’ll Still Have Me

Pulling ears

Today was my Mom’s birthday. I can’t wait to pull her ears in person in 3 days.

Until then, for now, virtually, I’m taking her to the Waldbühne with me.

Boldog szülinapot, Anyu!

David Garrett – Albinoni Adagio

Broken glass

I’ve once seen a video of bubbles freezing in the winter and then breaking like glass. It all happened in a few seconds and it was amazingly beautiful.
Sometimes you build a bubble, that leads to nowhere. You know that there’s a chance it would burst or break, but you build that bubble anyway. When you chose the right person as your partner in crime, you’ll build something beautiful. It will then all be worth it.

Chose wisely who you let close enough to break your heart.

I am watching these broken pieces and they are beautiful. We are temporary arrangements. Fragile and beautiful.

Asaf Avidan – Labyrinth Song

Lime in the coconut

I rode the ferry in Berlin today! 🙂 The last type of transportation that I haven’t used in the past 5 years. It made me feel like a child for a few minutes again.

Today was a perfect day. Quite an adventure, with the ferry, a beautiful hike, good food, friends and cocktails.
I am happy today. Things are falling into place again, seemingly. At least for a weekend.

Harry Nilsson – Coconut


This year is incredible. Everything changes, all the time. Quitting jobs, moving, being locked down, dreaming, working hard, getting stuck and bumping into unexpected treasures.

It’s exhausting. In the times offering the perfect opportunity to practice patience, I tend to lose my cool every now and then.
I so look forward for my upcoming holidays.

Irish Women In Harmony – Dreams