Nature is the answer

Lost your balance? Not feeling well lately? Feeling stuck and unwanted?
Go out.

An active day with sunshine, exercise, friends and little joys, spending time only enjoying the World, and you’ll feel way better.

After a long time, I decided to watch the sunset tonight. All alone, from above the city. I watched the airplanes land and depart, groups of friends sharing stories and creating memories, couples strolling by, and the beautiful colours the Sun painted the sky with going down.

I felt free and weightless.

We should all watch the sunset sometimes, to forget about everything else for a little while. Once we’re back, it feels way lighter.

Nature is the answer.

Chelou – Halfway to Nowhere


Klimastreik Berlin

270 000 people demonstrated today in Berlin for awareness of climate change and for urging governments and companies to act on it.
A lot of us care and a lot of us take steps.

I wish we could skip the whole fuss in the media about it and start thinking and acting together.

Choose your steps and just do it. For we are on this spaceship called planet Earth together, and there’s no Planet B.

DWIG – Orange Evening

Mother tongue

Hungarian is beautiful. Today, this song popped up on my playlist. One of my all time favourites. Sometimes I wish all my friends could speak Hungarian.

Or at least those who are important. So that they could understand my thoughts.

Szabó Balázs Bandája – Ami elhasadt

Perfect timing

A lunch break or evening spontaneously well spent, with friends who understand you and are there to listen, and you feel just a little more back to your center.

I have the best people around me. ❤

Danny Casale – Please Don’t Be So Sad

In my head

I put a spell on me.

I created my island with a bubble. It’s mostly balanced and at ease. It looks harmless and loving. Some love to have vacations there. And just like in these tiny glasses with the snow inside, every now and then a storm comes to stir up the ocean and shake the trees.

When the storms are gone, I look for bottle posts and assess the damage. However, it’s weightless. It’s imaginary. It’s an island. As everything else, it’s an illusion.

I guess my island will become “perfect” when no bottle posts are sent anymore.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Girl On An Island


I arrived to planet Earth 34 years and a few hours ago.

Since then, I’ve been through a lot.

  • I learned two languages other than my mother tongue
  • I learned a lot about music
  • I learned to play the piano
  • I managed to learn a few chords and songs to play on guitar
  • I tried my bandmate’s drums
  • I played in two bands
  • I adopted my dog
  • Worked as a sound technician
  • Wrote hundreds of articles
  • Edited two radio interviews
  • Have been interviewed 3 times
  • Ran thousands of kms including 11 half marathons so far
  • Moved abroad
  • Made friends on 3 languages
  • Set my priorities
  • Experienced my physical limits
  • Managed to hike through a whole night completing 63 km in 15,5 hours
  • Stayed close with my family
  • Became an aunt – twice
  • Created and shared memories
  • Fell in love several times
  • Stayed best friends with my two dearest best friends since secondary school
  • Learned the importance of an open mind and an open soul

I believe I got wiser, but there is a long way to go, there is so much more that I want to learn and experience.

I am in the best place, at the best time. I hardly can believe how lucky I am.

Let’s see what the future holds.

Elton John – Your Song