Dark and light

Today I went to a concert in the dome of Teufelsberg. The artists creating our journey through sound and lights were:

Mahir Duman​ on Projection and Visuals
Deniz Mahir Kartal​ Çağlama, Kaval and Duduk
Thomas Von Der Brücke​ Rhodes and Wurlitzer Reface, Querflöte, Klarinette

As I was watching the projections and was paying attention to the sounds tricking my ears due to the acoustics of the cupole, I was wondering about perspectives. We all have our own darkness and light. It was a magical experience.

Bin Jip & Kiégő Izzók – Dinner with a Demon (Live at the Planetarium, Budapest)



Sometimes, Báró has nightmares; he howls and cries in his sleep – that’s when I usually wake him up. Nightmares, I believe he has since before I adopted him. I hope he could forget them. After a while, he then snores peacefully.

My favorite dreams are the ones in which I’m falling. Haven’t had that for a while.

Zagar – Blindflight


Having the freedom to stay outside whenever I want is a treasure. We enjoy this beautiful autumn weather and the calmness of falling leaves.

I don’t take music with me for my runs, but if I would, I would take this song with me right now.

Tube & Berger – Imprint of Pleasure

Back to usual

My family lives in several different locations – my siblings and parents are in Hungary, and I am here in Berlin. Every time they visit me, the distance that feels made-up disappears for a while physically as well and we enjoy taking up the string right where we left it the last time we met.

When they leave, I take good care of the string and put it down carefully, so that we both can find it the next time we meet. It’s been a great few days again. Now it’s time to get back on the line with the string I left hanging before the reunion.

Tomorrow will be back to default. I am lucky to have the option to switch in between two great lines and to manage to combine them every now and then, watching them become one piece of fabric.

Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson – Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover)

Sunshine in Berlin

Today we were blessed with 23 degrees and blue sky. Walking along the colourful trees in autumn in Berlin is magical. Doing it in great company is even better. We really enjoyed our time together. The long weekend passed by fast, but every moment of it will remain in our good memories. Here’s another song my dad showed us a long time ago.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – The Legend of Xanadu

Enchanted by words

I keep bumping into amazing quotes today that make me realize mastering a language takes not only a wide vocabulary, but understanding exactly what you want to say and finding the perfect words in the right order to explain it.

“When you realize who you are, attachments won’t interfere with your relating with other beings,” (Mooji)

…and another one in Hungarian:

“Az agyfelmetsző, távolságtartó cinizmus és az egyenes, tisztán láttatás lehetősége között valahol félúton lebeg a légüres térben az ironikus gondolat. Ő mutatja meg neked az érem másik oldalát. Bár kritikus, igazából veled van, nyugodtan hihetsz neki.” (Tibor Kiss – Neonradír)

Bin-Jip – Stitches