Keep waiting

Time is like a blanket on my face. I am frustrated by getting used to practicing patience. It feels like being trapped in the calm before the storm – except the storm is happening elsewhere.

Covenant – Bullet


Taste of snow

It was snowing nicely in Berlin tonight. We took a short walk with my dog and only a few minutes of walking in the pouring snow soothed me.

I read somewhere a list of the most soothing sounds once – stepping on fresh snow was one of them. I can’t decide if it is the sound or smell of it, or maybe its colour – only a thin white layer makes everything look more clear, harmless.

I am grateful for the snow tonight. I wish it would stay.

Zagar – Taste of Snow

Little blue box

Stopping time or feeling like time has stopped, or simply forgetting about time and then waiting for it to hit; it’s fascinating and sometimes tragic how we sense or lack the sense of time. A moment can burn into your memory forever always reminding you how you felt, or complete decades can vanish all of a sudden.

Then there is waiting. Does it help when you have a deadline? Does it make the wait feel even longer? Is it your mind tricking you?

Time gains value over the years and in certain situations. Letting someone steel your time can feel like you aged, and some other times, you get so fascinated by something or someone that you don’t even care about time.

Moments of vulnerability can feel like entering a little blue box.
Chose wisely who you are steeling your own time with.

Phantogram – Don’t Move

Cigarettes After Sex

I went to the concert tonight at Astra. This music is as its title – like a long, peaceful cuddle with full of emotions. I missed my friend, for whom I originally bought the second ticket. But it was nice to do the “coma dance” all by myself.

For a minute there I lost myself.

Cigarettes After Sex – Sweet


Stand There. This poem/song describes the constant illusion of space and distance. The opportunities to practice patience. Love. (Inter)Connectivity.

Someone stands there. Always.

Ujjwala Maharjan – Stand There

Serenade to my matrace

Sleeping in my own bed is all that I need to wind down and get back on track with my regular schedule after my visitors are gone. It takes a while, but it feels nice every time. It makes me appreciate all I have again and makes me think about my values and priorities. Having a nice matrace and a paper bed is just enough.

Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms

Flow and tradition

Today was our last full day with my mom in Berlin this year. We finished the day with the Hang Massive concert at Astra. We have collected nice memories together again. Zwei Bären in der Großstadt.

It’s interesting how the same experiences can have two completely different understandings. It was great to have her here. I’m already looking forward for the next time.

Hang Massive & Victoria Grebezs – Happy to Be Me

Box of chocolate

Berlin is what you make it. If you’d like, it’s a big city, a metropolis; if you’d like, it’s the US in the 50s-60s; if you’d like, it’s aristocratic, with an all-shiny Christmas market in front of Schloss Charlottenburg.

All it takes is a little local knowledge and a partner in crime to travel around.

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters – Route 66