Pimp my sink

My Father has fixed my kitchen tap. My apartment has just levelled up. 🙂
#bestdad #fathersdobest

TLC – Waterfalls


Visitors – Round 2

Only a few minutes and my parents arrive for the weekend. We’ll spend 3 whole days together, enjoying Berlin. I hardly can wait!

Sam and Dave – Hold On, I’m Coming

Tiny ants running around

Some days are not meant for you. Sometimes you’re running around like hamsters in their wheels, not getting anywhere. Sometimes your efficiency hits the ground.

But even on those days, remember to see the big picture. The scope.

Do your problems matter, are they real? Can your reactions have an impact? Will you be proud of that impact tomorrow?

After reminding yourself you’re only an ant running around, it’s easier to smile and laugh about all the obstacles. Some days are just meant to be fun. From a whole different perspective.

Orbital – Tiny Foldable Cities


In general, I have an iron-clad immune system. However, when occasionally it fails to protect me, I usually manage to heal myself fast. It is still fascinating how easily your body can lose all its powers. Moments like these remind me of what a perfectly synchronized system we humans are.

Kosheen – Recovery

Good exhausted

Being a local tour guide I love to take my visitors to places they don’t necessary find in tourist books. Taking mental notes on their reactions is priceless. Some places can be connected in ways you normally don’t connect, and meeting with family and friends together is always fun. Just be prepared to have the comedown – once your visitors leave, you’ll need some time to get back to normal. But it is worth the fun!

Moderat – New Error


Remembering and discovering walls and boundaries, common ground and differences in the ways of thinking is exciting. Collecting memories with my sister and a friend is good exhausting. Berlin is the perfect playground for it.

mïus – Walls

Wasting time

I don’t believe in “I don’t have time”. With a little bit of planning and discipline, you can make time for the things you want.

When something not so pleasant is ahead of you – cleaning the whole apartment before your visitors arrive for example -, you can become the master of wasting time. Of course you’ll find all the valid excuses why not to start with it. You’ll actually be quite efficient doing everything else… Then you start the washing up in the middle of the night.

But you’ll have time. It’s a miracle, how time can transform.

– Waste of Time

Mix and match

Today, again, I’m grateful for my friends.

I remember right after I moved to Berlin, I met a friend of mine, who had been living here for a year already. He advised to keep as many habits from home as possible, get to know a lot of people (of course they will rotate, fall out and change from time to time), so that if I’m lucky, I’d manage to find a few good guys who will become my new friends here.

Today, I met a friend, who I got to know in the first month after moving here. We’ve become very good friends and it’s always a pleasure to meet, as we can never tell in advance where the day will bring us. To Babel for a delicious mixed plate, or to a random lake or riverbank in the city – Berlin is a mix and match game. You find different pieces and it’s up to you what you make out of it.

With my friends and all the nice places I discover from time to time, I feel like I’ve created my wonderland. Thank you for everyone, who joins this constellation, for any time. We are temporary arrangements, and I am glad to have you all.

SOHN – Oscillate (Everything Oscillates)