Refine center

Sometimes the nicest compliments come from the most random situations. You are reminded of your impact on the World by a friend. You get questioned by a friend. You get very positive feedback from someone you did not expect to.

You get supported and understood, even by those who disagree.

I am grateful for my family, my friends and the people who surround me, for they teach me, support me to learn and give me time and understanding to evolve in my own pace.
They make me strong enough to take tiny and not so tiny steps. Even heavy ones.
I am truly a lucky one.

Will Cady feat. Alan Watts – What Fills The Gap

8 days

Sometimes a week changes everything. Sometimes, it just confirms you made a decision.

Bin-Jip – 8 Days

Stolen time

My best friend was visiting me for the weekend. 2,5 days as in the old days. Times we stole for ourselves to switch off of life. It’s been the best exhausting way to recharge.

Distance is an illusion. In this temporary arrangements, some connections stay as strong as ever. I’m already looking forward to the next time, when we get to leave reality behind and just be us.

Jurij – Táncolsz és Élvezed


We visited a club only those can find who know where it should be. A visit outside of our comfort zones. Posh, fancy, like entering a James Bond movie. Yet it has proven us we still know how to dance. Groove is in the heart 🙂

Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart


You’ll be remembered by many tiny things you didn’t even pay attention doing. Engravings of your moves or looks or the noises you made.

Sometimes, it’s the melodies she liked. This morning, it was the sound of someone breathing next to me in the U-Bahn. Of all the memories, it was the sound she had when she was no longer really there.

You are missed. ❤

Max Richter – On Reflection

Turn the page

Changing chapters.

What needed to be done is done. A heavy weight is off the shoulders, stares into the future, standing still. Giving a moment to say good bye to the well known. Grieving what’s about to be left. But glad that a strong step was taken to the right direction.

One step at the time, I’m cutting edges to define new paths.
Let’s see what the future holds. I’m ready.

Grandbrothers – Naive Rider

Life admin days

I used this weekend to unwind, relax, and also plan a few things.
Sometimes the tiny tasks we keep pushing ahead of us can create a real weight to carry. Something we always forget to return, appointments we never schedule, dates we fail to look up.

I made a self admin day in two half days this weekend.
Managed to reach out for help with things I got stuck with, looked up services nearby where I can finally book my yearly appointments, dug up last year’s blood test to seen when it’s time to repeat. All the tiny things.

I paired this with a bit of tidying up, decluttering and organizing.

I feel like the weight has become bearable to carry again. I only wish these weekends could be longer.

Parcels – Bemyself