Ode to temporary companions

The big learning from Into the Wild: “Happiness only real when shared.”

In this ever changing temporary arrangement that’s life, I feel grateful for my friends. Those, who share my happiness and support in the bad times. Who are hoping for a better arrangement when needed. Who stick with me, no matter what.

I am also thankful for my temporary visitors. Those, who I bump into and share a part of my path with. Who arrive all of a sudden, making me feel like I have always known them, then disappear, just as unexpectedly. Those, who remind me that there are people alike.

Practicing cherishing the moments spent together, while spent together, without expectations, with no regret and learning to let them go, when their path takes a sudden turn is a challenge.

We are temporary arrangements. We are amazing.

Alanis Morissette – Everything


In the finish line

Before I moved to Berlin, I’ve set up a 3 year plan for myself:

  1. year: Settle down
  2. year: Practicing German, building network
  3. year: finding a job in Berlin’s music industry

Today is a special day. I arrived to the finish line. I found a new job, related to music copyright. I am starting in March. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s unbelievable, if I think about it. Before I decided to move abroad, I once mentioned at home, that I truly believe I could make it abroad, being as persistent and positive as I was in Hungary. Only a little more than 2 years living in Berlin, it seems I finally get there.

A huge weight is off my shoulder.

From March on, I will learn a lot of new things again. I hardly can wait.

Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive

Everyday is a winding road

Yesterday, we took a long walk in Tiergarten – every time we get there in sunshine, it boosts my mood. Báró  my dog – loves it, so he is running around with a wicked smile on his face.

Today, I’ll have a job interview.

Let’s see how things turn out on the long run.

Sheryl Crow – Everyday is a Winding Road

Zero Waste and Nachhaltigkeit

I went to a free walking tour in Prenzlauer Berg today, where with a group of a dozen we visited some of the Zero Waste shops of the area. Whether offering products package free or with reusable. exchangable packaging, the main idea of these places is one: trying to make baby steps for a sustainable future.

Berlin is an Oase for Nachhaltigkeit. It’s easy to manage your waste in an environmentally friendly way, separating bio trash from plastic, that can – at least partly – be recycled. It’s not a big deal to buy your fruits and vegetables package free. There are several package free stores, where you can buy other food like pasta, rice, beans or other ingredients in bulk. You can switch to bio-degradable toothbrushes or bamboo toilet paper, which you can subscribe to, like to a newspaper.

I still remember how pleasantly surprised I was in 2015, when I spent my first time here, seeing that paper and Restmüll is collected separately already at the subway stations.

It’s great to see that more and more people are interested in maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle, so that the environment could be similar for our children too.

Baby steps can lead to something bigger than us.

As written on the wall:
“Viele kleine Leute, die in vielen kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge tun, können das Gesicht der Welt verändern.”

We are all responsible for the footsteps we leave behind.

VVE – All That Remains