I was listening to Moderat while folding clothes today. All of a sudden, I realized I am dancing. Even if only in my own living room 🙂

Moderat – Ghostmother


No pressure over cappucino

It’s funny how history repeats itself. When you get to the same situations time after time. The same unexpected rain, the same Cafe to get dry, the game of lights.

Yet as you move in this time and space, the same experiences get a new colour.
Then you get home with a smile in your face.

Alanis Morissette – No Pressure Over Cappucino

Festival of Lights

There is about a week every autumn, when Berlin’s buildings get dressed with light. Artists from around the World work on showing us messages in a few minutes, sometimes even less. Every show is a surprise, and every piece of art needs your personal interpretation.

We should put the ordinary things in new light more often.

Ólafur Arnald & Nils Frahm – Four

Rain washed day

Today was a quiet day. The rain was falling almost all day outside. Some of the leaves from the storm are still dancing on our balcony. Sunshine would be nice to put the world in new light.

Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night

Autumn nostalgia -pt. 2

I received a photobook about a week this summer, when I had some friends over. Seeing Berlin through their eyes is fascinating – I love to watch the reactions, the different levels of interest in each of my friends’ eyes when I show them around in the city.

Today’s song reminds me of a long car ride with my family. It was in the summer, when my sister got admitted to our gymnasium. My dad called the Hit Radio station to request this song for her to celebrate, and it took the editor about 20 minutes to find it in their archives. I never knew it had a video. 🙂 Here comes some autumn nostalgia.

Barry Ryan – Eloise

Thunder Xavier

A hurricane-like storm rolled in Berlin today. The leaves were dancing upside-down and all around in our courtyard, while the birds were crying loud.

We watched it from the inside, and I know about no friends getting harmed.

I am grateful for we have such a nice safe home and think about those who were not so lucky.

Garth Brooks (Cover) – The Thunder Rolls

Thinking without borders

One of my best friends from Berlin moved home to Romania a few weeks ago. Today, it is her birthday. I wish I could pull her ears!

“This is the perfect opportunity to practice patience.”

I am still getting used to the phenomena that many of my new friends have/will leave this amazing city. I am still getting used to sharing our friendship over hundreds of kms. Of course being separated is not the end of the World. But I do miss those friends (some of them in advance, for now they are still here, but I know they would be gone later on).

Teona, tonight’s song is for You – from a common favorite of ours. 😉 I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush