Good old friends

Are you as lucky as to have friends with whom time flies, yet if you don’t meet, you’ll pick the line up where you left it for the last time? Tonight was like that.

Junior Kimbrough – Meet Me In The City

There’s nothing out there to worry about

Courage and confidence are two interesting things, once you move abroad. The more you manage to arrange things in a language other than your mother tongue, the prouder and more confident you become, yet no matter how much experience you have, when you find yourself in a new situation, you’ll start worrying again. It simply makes you feel like a child, even if you don’t admit it.

Not because you don’t trust your knowledge, and not because you think anything could go wrong. Simply because it is a new situation, that you might never had to face in your own language.

Fortunately, I have no real bad experiences with office administration; I get a tad anxious even so, no matter what. I know it will be all right and I know I’ll manage. Yet still.

Thank God, I have some very nice friends around, who help me in these cases and remind me to the ultimate advice:

“Es ist die beste Gelegenheit, Geduld zu üben.”

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby


Nobody knows me at all

I’m refreshing my CV to start looking for the next me. Every time I have to do that, I am wondering how my future colleagues would see me. Creating a few page cover of yourself is a chance to shine or seem different than you are, or – as I prefer – to simply be honest about the past. But would they really ever get to know you?

Can you get to know yourself? If we think about this, it brings up a lot of random questions.

The Weepies – Nobody Knows Me At All


Berlin is a transit city. People tend to come and go, fall in love, getting tired, never bored but exhausted, or simply look for something else – they stay here for 1-2-8 years and then move on. When you decide to stay here forever, one of the biggest challenges you’ll have to get used to is getting used to this dance and learning how to let go and keep close, even if your friends move far away.

I only live here for 21 months, but I already got to know quite a lot of people, who has since then moved back home – even if temporarily -, or moved forward, or simply disappeared.

We are temporary arrangements.

Learning to get high hopes when you get to know someone new and interesting, facing the risk that one day you might would have to let them go is a great challenge.
Being present is key.

White Stripes – We’re Going to be Friends


When meeting someone new, you tell your story. Which parts of your story and how much you interpret it depends on the person. It puts things in perspective sometimes, and as the perspective changes over time you realize you’ve aged. Grabbing old memories and cleaning off the dust feels nice though.

Nirvana – Love Buzz