Berlin summer rain

All of a sudden, from one second to another. It falls as if someone just emptied a tub. Then a few minutes later, it’s over.

I loved that tale in my childhood when the animals got caught in the rain. They all hid below the hat of a mushroom and supported each other. By the time the rain has passed, they were all below the mushroom, which then they found grew with the rain.

I felt the same way today at the office garden party. I looked around among my colleagues as we all hid below the tent and acknowledged: a lot of good people can share only a little room.

Black Nail Cabaret – Umbrella


Plug in Baby

We moved to a new office today. Everything’s new, we have no set seating plan in the long run, it is all plug and play.

We tend to want everything like that nowadays.

We want to have fun when we feel like, feel deep when we feel like, switch off if we feel like, have the big shot when we want it. Everything’s temporary. We tend to forget that. Some faster than the others.

On the other hand, it’s convenient to be as flexible as possible. To adjust to the circumstances. Getting used to a nice big space with bright windows isn’t that bad.

As long as the people I like remain close to me, I am open for changes. It is always a challenge, it is exhausting, sometimes it’s a struggle. But it is all fine in the end. Change is good.

Muse – Plug In Baby


Get free

I’ve spent almost the whole day outside today.

I first went for a run with a colleague, then met an ex-colleague for a long walk with my dog in the nearby park, and afterwards I tried my bike for the first time on the route to the new office, then met another good friend to watch the sunset by the Oberbaumbrücke with.

I almost forgot how free it makes you feel to have the wind catching your hair while on the bike. It is pure freedom.

I love my city.

Major Lazer – Light it Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) [Music Video Remix] by Method Studios

(Fast) Alles zu verschenken

I got amazing new pillows for my balcony furniture for free today.
This is not the first time I found exactly what I was looking for, for free, making someone else happy that they don’t have to throw their things away, but instead, they can make someone else find what she had been looking for.

Berlin is a golden mine for upcycling, trading and giving things away for free.
“One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.” – it couldn’t be any more true.

Finding the things you need for free feels a lot like treasure hunting. Sometimes it takes weeks, or even months to find the perfect match, some other times, things just “fall into your lap” when you least expect them.

I truly believe we have everything we might would need – we just have to share things better, so everyone finds what they still miss. When you get into the habit of giving away and taking things for free, your concept of ownership shifts.
We are temporary arrangements, moving things on this gigantic space ship called Earth, then we disappear and someone else finds treasures among our left over things. I am practicing gratitude towards all I have. Because I know it is all temporary.

We Plants Are Happy Plants – Om Namah Shivaya


Happy birthday!

I have the coolest Mom in the World.

She has been the one “chilling” with me in the front row of the Metal Hammer stage at Sziget Festival, when I was a teenager, reading all my articles ever published anywhere, listening to all of the HIM albums that I was listening to back in the days, supporting my dreams and efforts to learn about sound, cooking all the amazing meals before my half marathons and cheering for me during all of my races, putting me on the train when I decided to move to Berlin. She still plays “Who would you choose?” with us, surprises me with concert recommendations to see together, feeds my dog only occasionally, and encourages me to follow my dreams.
She’s the one celebrating with me when I’m enthusiastic about something and listening to me when I need to talk.

She has all the energy in the World – I have no clue where she gets it from.
Today is her birthday.

Boldog szülinapot, Anyu!
This song is for you. (Your man knows how to ride the guitar! 😉 )

Bryan Adams – Can’t Stop This Thing We Started



Morning after a long working day

I stuck in the office yesterday. Not because I couldn’t leave, but because I finally felt like I’m on top of a complex case. Of course unexpected issues arose. But it was fine. It was a tiring day and a fairly long one, but it reminded me how lucky I feel to work with my new colleagues. I love the atmosphere in the office. It is welcoming, patient and helpful. It took me a while to find it, but now that I am there, I feel like the search was all worth it.

Not to mention I have super talented colleagues and everyone’s into music.
It feels like I found my chocolate factory. 🙂

Luckless – Palpitations

Berlin sunset

We went to Volkspark Humboldthain with a good friend of mine today, to watch the sunset over Berlin, from the top of a bunker. I love these spontaneous miracles we get to experience together.

I love Berlin ❤ This city keeps spoiling me.

Antoine Marsaud – Disrupted Spheres


See you in my dreams

It’s funny how memory works. How you store all the small details of someone; not only their appearence, but the way they move and interact. Tonight, I tasted the best Rizskoch (rice pudding) by my Granny. I was arguing in our kitchen in Esztergom with my sister about some silly politics, and she was slicing the rice pudding up for us. She didn’t even pay attention.

I remember after my Grandfather died, I once had a dream about him, returning with our passed away first dog, ringing our door bell. When we opened the door, he was complaining about how did we dare to get a new dog.

It’s funny how memory works. You shuffle and reuse all the tiny bits while you are sleeping.

I wonder how many people among my friends and family carry a carbon copy of me in their heads, without even knowing it.

Tycho – Dream as Memory