5 year plans

Do you have 5 year plans? 3 year plans?

I used to think I’m good at those. Before moving to Berlin, I had a 3 year plan in my mind. I am still climbing the steps, only slightly slower as imagined.

However, it’s interesting to think about my past 5 year plans. When I was a teenager, the magic number was 24 for me. I thought by the time I would be 24, I would do all the serious things – find the love of my life, get married, start a family, have a house, settle down. Then of course, it didn’t happen. When I got 24, I thought: 5 years…

In one of my favorite movies, Happythankyoumoreplease, one of the characters quote an author, who said in every 5 years, you end up looking back at your life, and find that the moment you are in right now, has become totally silly, lost its meaning. Is it?

Amanda Palmer – In My Mind