Passing through

Connections still amaze me. Good and bad connections, turning points, and the importance of communication.

I believe we are temporary arrangements, therefore there’s no point not to be kind. Fights and quarrels are not for me. I always feel bad when I get in the middle of a thunder.

But it’s not on me. I am the neutral support point.

As I discussed with one of my colleagues the other day, I’d like to be a cloud. Not even the strongest winds could harm me. I just wish that these winds would one day understand we are only passing through.

Be kind.


Ben Howard – Time Is Dancing


Whenever I think about atoms and electrons, frequencies and how everything around is a dance of tiny parts, I feel amusement over the miracle of human beings and terrified by the lack of meaning in it all.

Those who believe in the law of attraction tend to talk about energy levels and how we can change things by “putting ourselves on different frequencies”.
I am skeptical about these things, but it always fascinates me how we tend to behave when we are out of balance.
Our struggles are our learning ground. I find them beautiful. I no longer believe in having “a good way” of doing things or dealing with situations.
For a while now, I feel like I have found my balance. Since I stopped the comparison game, I became more tolerant and flexible with situations that are handled different from how I would want to handle them. I also learned to appreciate really paying attention in such situations and learn.

When someone appreciates you as much as to summarize something in a very simple, honest way, opening a window to where they are in their dance of balancing, the biggest gift as to return the gesture is to listen and hear them.

We should never forget that we are a well-balanced dance of atoms, particles and waves. Even when out of balance, this dance is magical.

Ben Howard – A Time & Space Machine

Undivided attention

Time is our biggest treasure. Conscious time is important and undivided attention is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Dedicating your time only makes sense if you are not wasting it. I’m all for lazy afternoons every now and then, but I prefer to split my time among people I can share genuine experiences with.

A friend was visiting me for a few hours earlier today, and the World ceased to exist while we were talking about our latest experiences, thoughts, memories, theories.
Whoever you spend your time with will be effected by you and they will carry this effect with them. You never can know where the chain reaction or wave you started ends.

Ben Howard – Promise

Only love

I love living here.
We dropped by the restaurant I usually step by to have my Falafel for survival when I have a lazy evening. The guys working there know me and they always know what I’ll order. They know that I don’t want a plastic bag and which sauce I’d choose. They pay attention.

I usually leave my dog outside and tie him to the bike holder, but today, the boss of the team offered a hand and volunteered to hold Báró’s leash until I get my order.

Waiting for the food, I saw how they sneaked some Döner meat out for Báró to taste while he is waiting, with a smile in their eyes and totally at awe.

These tiny gestures make one feel at home. Ich liebe diese Stadt. ❤

Ben Howard – Only Love