Ready to roll

I did it. I am on vacation. I am exhausted. I’ll sleep like a piece of brick tonight- Tomorrow, I’ll leave. Ready for the ride.

Bin-Jip – Heavy


Dark and light

Today I went to a concert in the dome of Teufelsberg. The artists creating our journey through sound and lights were:

Mahir Duman​ on Projection and Visuals
Deniz Mahir Kartal​ Çağlama, Kaval and Duduk
Thomas Von Der Brücke​ Rhodes and Wurlitzer Reface, Querflöte, Klarinette

As I was watching the projections and was paying attention to the sounds tricking my ears due to the acoustics of the cupole, I was wondering about perspectives. We all have our own darkness and light. It was a magical experience.

Bin Jip & Kiégő Izzók – Dinner with a Demon (Live at the Planetarium, Budapest)

Enchanted by words

I keep bumping into amazing quotes today that make me realize mastering a language takes not only a wide vocabulary, but understanding exactly what you want to say and finding the perfect words in the right order to explain it.

“When you realize who you are, attachments won’t interfere with your relating with other beings,” (Mooji)

…and another one in Hungarian:

“Az agyfelmetsző, távolságtartó cinizmus és az egyenes, tisztán láttatás lehetősége között valahol félúton lebeg a légüres térben az ironikus gondolat. Ő mutatja meg neked az érem másik oldalát. Bár kritikus, igazából veled van, nyugodtan hihetsz neki.” (Tibor Kiss – Neonradír)

Bin-Jip – Stitches