Cigarettes After Sex

I went to the concert tonight at Astra. This music is as its title – like a long, peaceful cuddle with full of emotions. I missed my friend, for whom I originally bought the second ticket. But it was nice to do the “coma dance” all by myself.

For a minute there I lost myself.

Cigarettes After Sex – Sweet

There’s nothing out there to worry about

Courage and confidence are two interesting things, once you move abroad. The more you manage to arrange things in a language other than your mother tongue, the prouder and more confident you become, yet no matter how much experience you have, when you find yourself in a new situation, you’ll start worrying again. It simply makes you feel like a child, even if you don’t admit it.

Not because you don’t trust your knowledge, and not because you think anything could go wrong. Simply because it is a new situation, that you might never had to face in your own language.

Fortunately, I have no real bad experiences with office administration; I get a tad anxious even so, no matter what. I know it will be all right and I know I’ll manage. Yet still.

Thank God, I have some very nice friends around, who help me in these cases and remind me to the ultimate advice:

“Es ist die beste Gelegenheit, Geduld zu üben.”

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby