Paradise can be as simple as a trick you always fall for or an evening alone in a tidy home.

I found Coco Rosie on my playlists tonight. They play in Berlin tomorrow.
Now that I’m listening to them again, this reminded me of a summer night in Budapest with fountains, excitement and an almost kiss.

I love how music is tied to my memories.

Coco Rosie – Fairy Paradise


I believe we all live in a fairytale we tell ourselves based on our assumptions of how others interpret our stories from their perspectives.

I have left Berlin behind for a while to kick myself out of the known and arrived in Quedlinburg, a magical old town in the middle of Germany. It looks like a children’s book: little houses with wooden frames, gemütlich cafés, small rivers crossing the city, a charming castle and hidden lookout towers. Even getting caught in the rain is worth it for the rainbows afterwards.

The upcoming days are dedicated to doing nothing and enjoying it very much.

I love my fairytale.

Coco Rosie – Rainbowarriors


In Berlin, all the doors have the type of locks that lock the door right away as you close it. Always have the keys with you before you leave, otherwise, you can easily lock yourself out.

I’m glad to have friends who are not afraid to crash at my place if they happened to do so. 🙂

Coco Rosie – R.I.P. Burn Face