A different age

Have you ever felt like you live in a wrong era, or that you don’t fit in?
Many dream to have been born in a different age, criticizing the World we live in. If I play around with the idea to reborn in a different age, I know exactly where I would like to be. I always have the same answer for this theoretical question: I should’ve had been born in the 40s-50s America, so that I would have been a teenager in the 60s-70s; I would have been the biggest hippie, and hopefully – as if you dream, you can dream big – could’ve been a muse to the best musicians 🙂

I took a nice walk around Museum Insel, my favourite part of Berlin today.
For a blink of an eye, the feeling of detachment met me. I was thinking about how many things could work better in the World, how much unnecessary tension we create.

But I gave it another thought and soon realized, it’s always tempting to think that other times were easier or any better than our present. Additionally, let’s not forget about all the good things we have.

We are temporary arrangements and we can alter our paths whenever we want and however we want. – I celebrated this realization with a lazy day. 🙂 Life is good.

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