Forever love

There are a few loves in my life that never fade. Debussy and Chopin belong there. I was lucky enough to have heard this piece played by Tamás Vásáry once, who makes it seem so effortless. Take a moment to focus only on the music and enjoy!

Debussy – Clair De Lune (Tamás Vásáry)

Things falling into place

Saturdays are usually lazy days for me, when I do the general maintenance at home. Cleaning the kitchen, hoovering the carpet, tidying the room; at the end, it feels like things – by magic – have found their places.

Since we moved to our new apartment, I feel like we really found our home. I can spend long minutes over the weekend just watching the room and how much Báró, my dog enjoys the sunshine. Today’s song reminds me of this sweet feeling of contentment, even though I never managed to learn to play it on the piano. Will not give up.

Claude Debussy – Arabesque #1