Thoughts in my head

I once wrote 50 random things about me in a notebook. “I’d like to be someone’s “Home feeling” – was one of the random things. I wish I could be that.

Depeche Mode – Home


It’s so easy to jump into conclusions. Why are we so drawn to that?

I always find it interesting to hear other opinions than mine. I believe we can learn from each other’s perspectives. At least, if we manage not to jump ahead into conclusions and we actually manage to pay attention, listen and emphasize. If we really try to put aside our disagreements and pre-concepts and try to walk with the shoes of the other, to see the World from their perspective. That’s where the magic happens sometimes.

Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes


I got the same compliment twice this weekend, from two different people. They said spending time with me is relaxing. That I spread balance.

I remember years ago, still as a teenager, I was thinking about my purpose in life. I remember telling my now brother-in-law that maybe it’s not my career that would make me important in this life. That maybe one day, I’ll become someone’s “feel like home” feeling. That that could be enough.

I am nowhere near that, but the more I think about it, the more I believe our purpose is to have a positive effect on the World. If that is making someone more relaxed or chill, or making someone thinking about certain topics – such as our environment or relationships – then that’s enough.

Depeche Mode – Free Love