Rest without guilt

I had an overall efficient day today: I finally started working on the repainting of my balcony furniture, harvested my chilis and processed part of them, and found some nice pieces of clothing for free. I also did all the grocery shopping I may need for the weekend and the upcoming days, so everything’s ready for another nice day tomorrow.

There are still a few things I wanted to do – like running, taking Báró for a long walk, watching the lights in the city. But there’s always tomorrow.

I’ll be sleeping happy tonight.

Eddie Vedder – Sleeping by Myself

Off the wagon

Being out from the world of the “big city life” where people work 9-5 and relax only on the weekends is interesting. When you get to enjoy the moment you are in, it feels like life is a vacation. Then you start to question your earlier values – is it that important for me? Does it make sense?

Then you feel determined to find a new path that would be an alternative for what you had before. A better one. The obstacles won’t be less, but you’ll look at them differently.

Until nothing is decided, everything is possible. Life is a big game.

Eddie Vedder – Society