Suicide Wasp Squad

I accidentally killed a bee today.
It somehow managed to find me, land in between my toes, bit me and died.
It’s been ages since this had last happened to me. Never underestimate how much pain such a small animal can cause. It almost felt like my toe got cut off.

Poor guy. Instead of being angry with him, I feel guilty for becoming his murderer.

Evgeny Kissin: Rimsky-Korsakov – The Flight of the Bumblebee

Long-awaited rain

After the past few days’ heat, finally it rained today. It was the kind of summer rain that appears all of a sudden, with heavy raindrops, flushing the heat away.
Finally we could take a long walk with my dog in the nearby park afterwards.

I love the smell of rain. It smells like a new beginning.

Chopin – Raindrop Prelude (Evgeny Kissin)