The Academy of St Martin in the Fields & Fazil Say took my breath away tonight. They not only played some wonderful classical pieces (Mozart: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 12 A-Dur KV 414 for exmple), in which he rolled the perfect quiet notes as pearls out of his fingers, but they played Silk Road as well, a piece composed by Fazil Say himself.

Witnessing this piece live was an incredible experience. He uses the piano like noone else, creates tension and atmosphere that sucks you in – you forget to blink or swallow, you get so focused on where the melodies and anticipations transfer you.

This is Art at its best. I haven’t heard anything as fascinating in the past 5 years or so.

This experience resonates with the books I’ve been reading lately – Robert Jordain’s Music, the brain, and ecstasy, and The Ocean of Sound by David Toop. I highly recommend both, they have the same effect: you don’t want to put them down.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about music, how it works, and why I find it so magical.
Music stole my heart and soul. Visiting a concert like tonight is worth a week of vacation in recharging. I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to get to these events. ❤

Fazil Say – Silk Road

Summertime memories

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

This lady had a lot to teach. This video of hers reminded me of my Granny and all the good times we had.

Fazil Say – Summertime

The next big thing

We are always in a hurry. We just finished something and we jump on the next best thing. We don’t even realize sometimes what we’ve achieved. We are busy, We need to arrange this, talk to that, reply to that other thing and find out how to do that third thing we talked about. We plan, schedule, re-schedule, run, move, arrive and leave. We have our chores, our family stuff, our work, maybe even side-hustle, we have arrangements and must dos. Our calendars are always full and we almost feel guilty when we have a day of doing nothing.

But we have adjusted so much to this always on the run lifestyle that even when we are doing nothing, we achieve a lot. We just don’t realize it’s been effort.

Every now and then, I have weekends when I don’t plan to do anything. When I tell myself I’ll be OK with doing nothing. And almost all the time, I end up doing man things. Maybe it feels like nothing. But I clean, rearrange, organize, communicate, re-schedule, plan.

I want to get better at doing really nothing. For we all need a break sometimes. I have moments of peace like that. Moments, when I enjoy the luxury of my home, sipping a cup of tea on my balcony, listening to the birds. But usually, I don’t allow myself to enjoy these moments for too long, because before I realize, I am on to the next big thing.

We all should learn to rest. Like when we were kids and we just watched the clouds for hours. Carefree.

Fazil Say – Gershwin: Summertime Variations


I got to know a neighbour today. His apartment is just above ours and looks exactly the same as ours. However, the furniture is different (except in the kitchen and bathroom, that looks exactly the same). Visiting him was exciting. Entering a same, yet different apartment, that looks familiar and strange at the same time is a fun experience.

But familiarity comes with the age we live in too. In Berlin, IKEA furniture is everywhere. We all have the same shelves, the same tables, the same couches. Yet it always looks different.

It is like a parallel universe. A what if.
We are all the same, and it is only things surrounding us. How these things are arranged is a mirror to how different we all are.

Fazil Say – Kumru Ballad


Yesterday, I gave You my farewell kisses, and today, You’re gone. I hope all the good memories helped You across the way. We miss You.

Szeretlek, Mama!

Chopin – Nocturne No 20 in C# minor (Fazil Say)