Planning ahead

I like to know what’s ahead of me. It doesn’t mean I don’t like surprises and I also know that things won’t always turn out as we planned them. Yet I find it calming to know what the options are, more or less.

I lately started to realize how much simpler my life has become since I’d let go of worrying. Even in unexpected situations, after a minute or two of letting tension arise, I usually find a way to put that aside and plan how to deal with the situation, breaking it down to tiny steps that I can start with. Then following one step after the other, it is always a nice and proud moment when I all of a sudden realize that I just got over something I never had to deal with before.
I still have some work to do, because usually after finding the solution, tension comes back in the form of exhaustion – but that’s relief.

Sometimes it’s the tiny things that make life way easier. Filling the washing machine with dirty clothes so they are out of sight and ready to roll the next morning, washing the dishes so you don’t have to look for a clean plate in the morning, taking down the trash to feel cleaner.

When these tiny bits become a habit, you get free from the mental clutter that holds you back. You may even have moments when you feel lighter. I like that feeling.

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