Be your hero tomorrow.

I saw an interesting TED talk by Mark Adams about becoming productive and overcoming procrastination. You can watch it here. He comes up with the idea of change not being continuous but we become someone else over time.
According to another YouTube video explaining David Ams’s theory of how you don’t need more than two years to reach your goals, it is your will power and consistency that brings you forward, of course having long term goals with short term actions planned.

When I think about my journey that led me to Berlin, I feel both ways. By the end of my second year here, I already felt more content than I had been in Hungary before leaving. I had a long-term goal (to find happiness and my way towards music here) and I did my best to deal with the first steps it takes to move abroad.
Whenever I hear the argument that people are leaving Hungary “for the sake of adventure”, I wish whoever thinks it is easy could be put in my shoes for a while. To give them first hand experience what it is like building a safety net, finding yourself, figuring out who you can and want to be, playing by the new rules.

On my eternal calendar I saw a very smart quote the other day: “Luck is nothing more than preparedness meeting opportunity.”

I believe you can build your own future. I believe it takes hard work. I also think it is OK and necessary to adjust your dreams and goals based on where you got, and how you(r new self) feels. Becoming your better self is relative. Only you can judge where you stand and who you want to be. After all, it’s all expectations you are raising for yourself.

For now, I am happy to be me.

Foo Fighters – Best of You




It’s funny how life plays along. Being tired one day and passing on an invitation can result in not meeting someone who you could click with instantly.

I like to play with the concept of what ifs, trying to chase back how I ended up where I am now.

Would I be in Berlin if I never wanted to be a sound engineer? If it wasn’t so, I never would’ve chosen mathematics and physics as a faculty, never would’ve played in a band, never would I have been dating with a “fan”, who never would’ve introduced me to one of my best friends, who might have moved here anyway, but I may have never planned my vacation here to visit him as well, and who knows, if I would have fallen in love with the city as I have. Have I not had my marketing assistant job in Budapest, maybe I never would’ve worked at the digital agency where I started after moving here, and never would’ve met Masha, whose birthday was last week.
As I was pretty exhausted, if I passed on it, I never would’ve met someone new.

I like the way life works. Some things just click.

Foo Fighters – Everlong