Fly with me

Tonight, a passion project of mine was finally published. Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the Flying Dreams Project. On I am collecting and sharing dreams about flying.

Some fly like birds, other like ghosts, and yet again others fly like as if they would be swimming in their dreams. I find these dreams fascinating.
I’d like to share as many stories as possible with the World.

If you every dream about flying, please visit and share your dream. I’d like to hear from you.
You can also share the project with anyone, who might be interested.

Let’s fly together! 😉

Sweet dreams!

Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me

Young at heart

I met an incredible lady in Altstadt Spandau today. We went there with Báró, to explore the part of the city we hardly ever get to, and found a tour guide with a cute old dog, who took us on an almost 10 km journey around that part of the city, showing us  nice long park along the river bank, a dog park, and a part of Berlin called Klein Venedig, with cute little houses and tidy gardens.

She reminded me a lot about my Granny. She was joy to listen to. She complained a little bit about having too many old people in Spandau, but then she continued with her dreams and plans that she still wants to fulfill. Not even the heavy rain could get her down – she took it with a smile on her face.
It really reminded me that your age is only a choice.

In the meanwhile, she kept chatting about where we are, and what other walking route options there are. She sounded like me, when showing Berlin to my visitors. I’m sure it was not our last walk together.

I hope I’ll be as young at heart as she is, when I turn her age.

Frank Sinatra – Young At Heart