It’s raining, man!

Berlin rain is a phenomenon. I love it. It can be heavy, cold, loud, fast, arrive from all directions at the same time, unexpected and long-lasting. I love it.

Even when loving it means you leave the office in a nice summer dress and arrive home barefoot with a wet dachshund on your side, waiting for the moment he can swipe himself in all the carpets at home. 🙂

Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

The carousel never stops turning

Tonight, I went for a run after a long time. Not for long, only a few kms, but it felt like I’m finally back on track. In September, I’ll run the half marathon in Budapest – it will be an amazing city tour in my hometown for quite a while. I decided to prepare for it, because I know by experience how exhausting it is to run that special 21,1 km without training.

Starting to run again is good practice; both for me and my dog, Báró, who excercises being calm alone while I’m gone. I usually leave some music on for him.

As I returned, this song was in our playlist. I took it as a sign.

Garbage – Run Baby Run