On a roll

I had a quite efficient day today. I managed to check all the boxes on my to do list, arranged some important meetings for tomorrow, had almost 100% super-healthy eating habits (gingerbread cookies, you ruined it all 🙂 ), and even managed to practice some yoga.

My motivation is back. Good morning again!

Today’s song is new for me. “Jesus Christ” commented below: <<‘bjork meets fever ray’ with a little karen o thrown in for good measure. >>
I would argue, but this reminded me how much I enjoy discovering new labels for different music genres. I remember how excited I was, when I first read about Opeth in Metal Hammer magazin in my teenage years: “psychedelic death metal with epic elements” – pure joy, reading these!

No matter how we label it, I hope you’ll enjoy as well.

Glasser – Apply (Ring Album Version)