7 days

What a difference a week makes.

7 days ago, I had a long day, which ended in a comforting hug near a big river. Today, I shared many hugs with my family near an even bigger river. I was happy both days. Yet there’s so much in my head now. It feels like 7 days ago was a parallel universe.

God Is An Astronaut – Parallel Highway

Lost in Nature

Sometimes an afternoon spent in nature in good company is enough to recharge. I love how green an peaceful Berlin is. You just have to find the right spots.
Sharing the nice spots is another great experience.

Enjoy the nice weather somewhere nice, with someone who boosts your energy.

God Is An Astronaut – Forever Lost


Cherish those who can make you laugh from the heart. They are the ones to make the weight on your shoulder lighter. Who make you feel less confused or lost.
Spend your time with those, who appreciate you for who you are. Then you won’t waste a second in your life.

God Is An Astronaut – First Day Of Sun