Always there

I adopted my dog 9 years ago. He’s my first dog, and he means the World to me. If we’d be in the World of The Golden Compass, he would be my daemon.

We’ve been through a lot together. Overcoming his past, learning everything from scratch. Trainings, different work schedules, several moves, including moving to another country. Amazing holidays, beautiful wanders. He’s the World’s most sensitive alarm system, and he practiced social distancing before it was a thing.

He’s been through a lot with me and he’s always by my side. He waits for me patiently while I’m at work, follows me for long summer nights, joins me in German classes and never leaves my side if I’m sick.

Before I adopted him, we had a lot of arguments with my father. He was arguing that I should focus my energies on other things. That he would steal too much of my time. That he would complicate things.

But then he won him over too. Once, as we were watching TV together, my dad looked at Báró laying on the carpet, then he said: “You know that I had been arguing with you about having a dog. But now, every time I look at him, I feel like this tiny piece of the World is better, because of us.”

I can not be grateful enough for having Báró in my life.
He is my guardian.
Köszönöm, Kutyuskám. ❤

Greta Van Fleet – Always There


Sunday is music quiz day. Playing with buzzers and knowing a song noone else knows make you feel like the king in your childhood games. I love my friends’ annoyed/confused/angry/joyful faces. Even though tonight was long, it was a perfect ending to a long weekend well spent.

Greta Van Fleet – Flower Power