Mother’s Day

Today I realized that I’m the only one left not being a mom in my family. It is Mother’s Day in Hungary, and I greeted my Mom, as well as my Granny, sister-in-law and my sister. They are the best examples for me to think about what it means to be a mother.

I got a set of CDs from my Mom a few years ago as a present, with her voice, telling night time stories. No matter how “grown up” I got, if I hear her telling a tale, I fall right asleep. She was even as strong as to put me on the train when I decided to move abroad to find happiness, and she is happy that I did.

My Granny keeps drawing pictures and writing stories about all of us, as much as she can follow what’s happening with us in the family. She makes the best kekszszalámi (a cocoa flavoured cookie with biscuits) and learned to send emails just a few years ago.

My sister takes every challenge with my nephew lightly and with joy, and radiates ever since she had him. Watching her watching my nephew doing anything is pure happiness.

My sister-in-low teaches my younger nephew to be independent and has a dedicated sparkle in her eyes, when she watches him laugh.

I am proud of all of them. I hope one day I’ll be like all the best of them, and that I’ll be able to make my future children understand that everything and anything is possible.

Halász Judit – Altató