I was thinking about sustainability from different perspectives today.
About how long superficial relationships can be / should be sustained; about the thin line between laziness that sustains chaos, but builds up tension; and about the sustainability of our consumer culture.

In the past few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about Nature and our relationship with it. I realized human responsibility is underrated and our apathy towards our own weight maintained by the marketing chaos surrounding us is keeping us to be selfish and not act on changing the way we consume things. Hardly anything can be bought without plastic packaging – even sustainable fashion is packed in “recycled plastic”. Of course there are exceptions and fortunately a trend to change this, but we are moving slow.

I am building my tiny habits one by one, and try to stick to them. In relation to decreasing my ecological footprint as well as building relationships.
Where it gets challenging is when I meet someone who takes things completely in a different pace, weighing tiny details in another way. Times like these are always an opportunity to learn.

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