Catching waves

Sometimes you catch a wave in life and everything seems to flow in it’s own pace. It makes you feel light. Content.
That’s where I am now. I am flying with the flow.

Iron & Wine – Boy With a Coin

Cinder and smoke

While I am grateful for knowing what it feels like letting the steam off after an exhausting week with someone dear to our heart, I am thinking about the lesson of the week that arrived in an unexpected form.

Helping each other in general is a nice thing. But sometimes we tend to support each other in things that actually are not for our best interest. Sometimes helping out means supporting something that helps one retain an unwanted situation. When you realise this, you can decide to either continue giving the other person time and space to realise that, or you can decide not to take part anymore.

I am learning to draw my borders.

And I am grateful for the special ones, who point areas for improvement out, even if not in the best form.

Not to mention those who have an open ear to listen and share opinions without questioning where the other comes from. I am lucky to have all these characters in my life: the one who always needs help, the one who blames me when I overdo helping, and the one who listens without judgement.

I had a perfect evening tonight. I will sleep early. Bring on the weekend.

Iron & Wine – Cinder and Smoke