Stolen time

My best friend was visiting me for the weekend. 2,5 days as in the old days. Times we stole for ourselves to switch off of life. It’s been the best exhausting way to recharge.

Distance is an illusion. In this temporary arrangements, some connections stay as strong as ever. I’m already looking forward to the next time, when we get to leave reality behind and just be us.

Jurij – Táncolsz és Élvezed

4 years

4 years ago tonight, I arrived to an airbnb apartment with big dreams, huge motivation and a Tesco paper bag. Little did I know back then that my love story with Berlin will have so many twists and turns, yet will remain passionate as in the very beginning.

As I was editing my year summary video, I noted some things that never change, and many that do. I have more and more friends, some very good ones among them, my old relationships did not fade but got stronger, I have made new connections, chosen paths and it’s incredible how much I’ve changed.

Berlin is a magical bubble. I would say I hardly can wait what the future brings, but in fact, I just would like to enjoy every moment of it as it is.

Catapulting myself with a one way ticket has proven itself as my best decision so far.

Ich ❤ mein Leben.

Jurij – Megnyugszik A Szív